Spark of Life

  • Gregīs appearance: Afflicted
  • 7 Scenes: With Grissom

  • Shippyness: G/G

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.: Greg has to deal
    with an older incident.

First Scene:
The ER hallway is bustling as Greg walks through it. A nurse works on a woman patient sitting on a gurney. Greg walks up to the nurse and asks her where to find the arson victim. She gives him directions and Greg heads for the burn unit. He walks in. Inside the sterile burn unit, a team of four work on the woman on the table. Greg stares at them. The team work on removing and replacing the woman's burned skin. The doctor steps up behind Greg and they talk about the victim. Then, Greg is inside the burn unit. He's wearing a white smock. He needs all of the victimīs clothes, as well as any trace off her body. Someone clips off the woman's wedding ring. Greg watches as they slip it off her finger. The doctor puts it in a metal pan. He hands it to the burn unit doctor. The burn unit doctor hands the metal pan to Greg.

Second Scene:
Greg uses a hand-held device and tests the level of hydrocarbons on the victim's burned clothes. When he puts the device down and removes something from the victim's pocket, Grissom appears in the doorway. Greg shows him his finding: a plastic card. Also, he found traces of alcohol all over the clothes. Grissom comes to the conclusion that their burnt victim started the fire herself.

Third Scene:
Greg processes a burned piece of paper found on the victim. The paper reads reveals her name and address.

Fourth Scene:
Greg and Grissom interview Neal Matthews, the husband of the victim.

Fifth Scene:
Monitor view of Tara Matthews. Greg and Neal Matthews look into the room through the glass from the observation room. Neal doesnīt recognize his wife. Greg holds up the small evidence bag and shows him the wedding ring. Neal Matthews looks at the ring and starts crying. Greg swallows and holds back his tears.

Sixth Scene:
Greg holds a small glass sample container in his hand and looks at Tara Matthews' fingers inside. He stares at its contents. Grissom walks in through the doorway and watches Greg. Then he orders Greg to take a break. He will process the fingers himself. Greg agrees.

Seventh Scene:
Sofia Curtis walks into the locker room where she finds Greg sitting on the bench. She opens her locker and asks what the problem is. Greg feels like a wuss and asks her how he gets an image like that of the burnt victim out of his mind. She tells him and also advices him to stay the funny guy he always was.

Best Dialogs:
Grissom: "How'd it go at the hospital?"
Greg: "About as well as could be expected. Doctors had to amputate the fingers from her right hand. Too great a risk for infection. They gave them to me to process for trace."
Grissom: "You've pulled a double, Greg. You need a break. I'll process it."
Greg: "Thanks."

Sofia: "What's the problem?"
Greg: "Nothing. I'm fine."
Sofia: "You're not."
Greg: "I feel like a wuss. Grissom told me I should take a break, and I did."
Sofia: "Your burn victim."
Greg: "How do you get an image like that out of your mind?"
Sofia: "You go home. You, uh ... hug your cat, your dog, your pillow. You have a beer, you watch a movie, and then you come back tomorrow."
Greg: "Is that supposed to make me feel better?"
Sofia: "Rumor has it you used to be a pretty funny guy. Don't lose that."

My Comment:
Greg suffers. Greg almost cries. Greg holds back the tears and tries to be a man. He thinks of himself as a wuss. A man doesnīt cry. Why not? Why isnīt a man allowed to cry if he needs to. Once something terrible happened to Greg. (Playing with Fire) He was in pain and fear. Confronted with a burn victim Greg thinks about what could have been. He could have been injured much worse. He could have died. Thatīs a lot to take. If you need to cry do so Greg.

Who notices that Greg suffers? Who gives him a break? Gil Grissom. He observes and listens and finally he acts. He orders his boy to take a break. Thatīs so Grissom. No word of compassion but a strict order. Though, you can see in Gilīs face, he feels for Greg a lot and he is concerned to see Greg like this.

Grissom: "This area was always a good place for stargazing."
Sara: "It's a good make-out spot, too. So I've heard."
From whom did you get the information, Sara? Greg? Grissom is baffled by her answer and looks also a little bit curious. A funny moment.

Sofia says to Greg: "Rumor has it you used to be a pretty funny guy. Don't lose that."

Catherine catches Hodges drooling over Mia. I almost spilled my drink. I shall not eat and drink watching CSI. I have to remember this.

Bonus: Mia catches Grissom in the hallway. "Grissom -- hey, it's about your arson victim."
Grissom: "Greg beat you to it. I got an I.D." So sweet how heīs pointing out that his boy Greg has already won the competition for finding important evidence.

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