Greg and the team investigate the brutal attacks by a stalker.

Best Quote:
Greg: "The absence of evidence is evidence."

Best Moment:
Greg and Catherine get wet.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "After you."
Catherine: "I don´t do attics. I´m dirty enough. After you." - "That a boy."

My Comment:
Creepy as hell! I had to look under my bed at night.
Wonderful times with Hodges and Nick.
Plus more of Greg. One of the better episodes.
Random thoughts: All in all the women in this episode behave pretty irrational.
A young woman, a mother, who was attacked brutally just two weeks ago, drives around
with her child in her car, laughing, flirting on the phone, as if nothing at all had
ever happened to her. Come on! This feels not right. The second woman doesn´t want police
protection even she must be scared shitless. F*** the letters. F*** the police.
Why didn´t she ask a friend to stay with her. Or her lawyer? Why does she insist to walk around
in her house, alone, and in the dark? This is stupid and implausible. This isn´t a cheap horror movie, is it?