Sticking Point - 1/6

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Stargate:Atlantis
Pairing: John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance, Humor
Series/Sequel: Dare all Things
Summary: One stormy night changes everything.
Warning: Adult Fanfiction, Spoiler for Season 1
Disclaimer: No one of Stargate: Atlantis belongs to me.
Least of all Major John Sheppard. Damn.
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Released: June 2005
Word Count: 2771
Beta: Anomaly

"Truth or Dare? You can´t be serious?" Elizabeth Weir gave him a look that would have silenced every other man in Atlantis at once. But not him.

"Why not? We have nothing to do for the next... hours... maybe even days... but to wait. Let´s have some fun."

"Major, we´re talking about a kid´s game."

Sheppard shook his head. "Not exactly. It´s just a fun way to get to know each other. Not as boring as simply asking questions."

"I know you pretty well. It´s your fault we´re stuck here," she scolded, while she paced the few feet of the puddle jumper´s compartment. The fierce wind banging against the metal walls of their present cage agreed. "Why do I always listen to you?"

That made him smirk. "I don´t know. See there is already one good reason to get to know each other better."

"Nonsense. Any second Rodney will find a way to bring us home..."

"I´m sure he will, but until then we´re stuck here. Cut off from the next settlement. Alone," Sheppard interrupted her insistently. The teasing sparkle in his green eyes infuriated her even more.

"Major, I´m well aware of our situation. I just can´t understand how this happened."

"Things like this happen to me all the time."

"You don´t say?" She glared at him. Her anger was intense but mostly it was caused by her frustration. Stuck. Cut off. Alone. Sheppard´s words echoed in her mind, mocking her. It had been his stupid idea that brought them here.
The Larus are friendly people, doc. They want to meet our leader.
Why don´t they come here?
It´s against their rules to travel through the stargate.
I don´t know, Major. I shouldn´t leave...

Just one simple word and she had given in. One simple please and one of his trademark smirks had made her agree. Oh. Damn that man and his ability to blind my healthy judgment.
Yes, the meeting with the Larus had gone well and not without the promise of possible future benefits. The storm on their way back home had caught them off guard and kept the jumper grimly grounded since then. They couldn´t go back or forth and it didn´t look like it would be getting better for a long time.

Slumping into the pilot´s seat, looking pretty comfortable, Sheppard grinned brightly. "Come on. The storm will pass and we´ll get back in no time. Let´s just make the best of our situation."

Finally, she dropped into the chair next to him. "What are you talking about?"

"Isn´t it good to get to know each other better?"

"By playing ´Truth or Dare´? How old are you? Twelve?"

He laughed. "Pretty close. Come on, loosen up a little. Being our leader has made you almost forget how to have fun."

She folded her arms. "I won´t play this silly game."

"I should have brought my book," he pouted, sighing. "No, Teyla should be here. She would have played with me."

A new wave of anger rushed through her body. TEYLA! Of course. I´m sure she would do whatever you want her to do. Damn it. "What´s that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing. Just... Teyla likes to have fun. She´s not so... tense."

"I´m not tense. I´m just angry - mostly at myself. I can be a lot of fun."

"Prove it."

For a second she considered jumping up and leaving. Going where? Leaving was not an option. She had to take him on. "Fine. Truth or Dare?"

The satisfied smirk which appeared on his face made her wish to wipe it off with a slap. Here I go again. What is it with me and that man?


"Why did you agree to come to Atlantis?"

"That´s no big secret. I was bored. My record didn´t allow me to get any decent assignments and this was finally a challenge."

She believed him. It sounded reasonable. It sounded like him.

"My turn, doc. Truth or Dare?"


"Why did you want me to come to Atlantis?"

For a split second she was confused. What do you think, soldier? "Ah...well, you have the gene of the ancients. You´re a natural. We need you here, Major. Just as simple as that. Truth or Dare?"


"Did you find the challenge you were looking for?"

"In more ways you can ever imagine."

The warm glance in his eyes made her shiver. What´s on your mind?

"Truth or Dare, doc?"


"Why didn´t you agree to play until I brought up Teyla?"

"Excuse me?"

"What is it that bothers you so much about Teyla?" he explained. "The truth."

"I´m not bothered by her at all," she snapped. "I just didn´t like you saying I´m not as much fun as her. Truth or Dare?"

His lips twitched. Oh, he was having fun! "Truth."

"What do you mean by ´In more ways you can ever imagine´?"

A bright grin graced his handsome face. "Do you really want to know, Dr. Weir?"


"Well, I meant I found more than one challenge in Atlantis. I met someone I want to be mine." He winked at her. "And it´s not Chaya, to forestall that question."

Teyla! Her pulse quickened rapidly. Stupid game. I knew I shouldn´t...

"Truth or Dare?" he went on, mercilessly.

Take Dare. This has gone far enough. The next question could be... "Truth."

"Are you in love with McKay?"

Perplexed, she burst into chuckles. "No! What... gave... you... that... idea? We´re just friends."

"It´s just a game to have fun, remember?"

Fine with me, soldier. "Truth or Dare?"


"Is Teyla the one you want to be yours?" Where the hell did that come from? Am I nuts? His eyes lit up like a thousand suns and she knew she had made a big mistake. A stupid mistake.

"No." His eyes were mesmerizing. "Truth or Dare?"

Take dare. Take dare. It´s better and safer. Don´t expose yourself any further. "Dare."

His familiar friendly expression changed rapidly. The sudden determination was almost more she could bear. He was close - too close.

"Kiss me."

I played with fire and he tricked me. I should have known better. Didn´t I learn how clever he is months ago? Well, I asked for this, right? "Very funny, Major. Let´s end this silly game before it gets ridiculous." She pushed herself up.

His right hand shot forward and grabbed her arm firmly, holding her back. "Coward."

"Let go of me."

"I let you off the hook. Take Truth."

"If it suits you," she snarled. "Truth." She tore at her arm but he didn´t let go.

"Do you want to be mine?"

Oh shit! I didn´t see this coming. Oh this clever... "You want a kiss? No problem." Quickly, she bent over to brush his scratchy cheek slightly with her lips. She thought if she took him by surprise he would let go of her. But she was pretty much mistaken. In a swift motion, he pulled her completely over and she landed sitting on his lap. "Sheppard! How dare you..."

"I never wanted much but to fly," he whispered close to her ear, "but now I want you just as much." His soft lips slid slowly down meeting with her cheek while he pulled her closer.

"John... please...," she murmured, feeling helpless. I have to stop this.

Gently, he seized her chin and made her look at him. "Since the first time I had to leave Atlantis through the gate because you ordered me to I have dreamt of doing this." His lips touched hers tenderly and she let it happen. A wave of heat broke over her body, and frightened of her powerful reaction, she fought him, gasping. "Let me go!"

His grip didn´t loosen. "Why?"

"Major, this is completely inappropriate. I´m your superior and..."

"I see." His arms dropped down and she almost fell of his lap. She bit her lip. How could I get into such a situation?

He leaned back into the chair. "Go."

She could tell he was hurt. Regardless, she wanted to leave. In fact, she needed to leave. But she wasn´t moving. Where the hell can I go? There is just this cabin. There is just us. Can I bear the tension between us if I end this now? Oh, this stupid, childish game.

"I said go. I won´t force you. I wouldn´t force myself on any woman."

That made her smile. "I know that, John." She shifted slightly but stayed put.

"Don´t do that," he groaned. "Just leave."

"There is nowhere to go," she teased and was surprised by herself. Do I want this? Do I want him to take me? Here and now?

"I meant get off me. Now!"

A little devil got hold of her. Deliberately, she shifted on his lap, and feeling his growing excitement, she felt for the first time really superior to him.

"Elizabeth! Stop!"

"Why, Major? What will you do if I don´t?"

He cocked his head and she got caught in his misty green eyes. "I thought you didn´t want this?"

A tickle filled her belly and went straight down to her center. "I never said that. I only said it isn´t appropriate..."


"...but you never listen to me anyway. So... why now?"

"Is that a dare?"

"Maybe," she provoked him further. It almost frightened her how wet she became by just sitting on his arousal. No matter if it was appropriate or not she had made up her mind. She wanted him to take her - here and now. She wanted him to lose control. Major John Sheppard - Mr. Straight-line. Slowly, she stuck out her tongue and licked her lips. That did it.

The burning glint in his eyes exploded and, forcibly, he swept her back into his arms to claim her mouth in a fierce kiss. Inflamed, Elizabeth returned the kiss just as fiercely. Kiss by kiss, they grew more insistent and became more lost in the heat of the moment. Her lips parted and his tongue slipped in, licking here and there, teasing her in the softest way, while his fingers wrestled with the buttons of her uniform. Finally done with them, he yanked her shirt out of her pants, shoving it up to get access to her breasts. Her bra, black and simple, was gone quickly.

That made her stop him. "Slow down, soldier. We can´t go back to Atlantis with torn up clothes."

"Sure we can," he breathed harshly. His mouth closed around one of her nipples and she stopped arguing. Moaning, she ruffled his already messed up hair yet more. Does he ever use a comb? She felt him grin against the sensitive skin of her breast - Smug bastard - and yanked his head by the hair to make him look at her. But in his eyes she found only desire and sweetness and therefore her anger melted and she kissed him hungrily.

This time he was the one who broke the kiss first. "Still in a hurry to get home to see McKay?" he mumbled, breathless.

She lifted her hand to give him a slap but he caught it in motion. Well, he never had been easy to surprise.

"Just kidding." Grinning, he grabbed her ass and stood up, with her legs firmly wrapped around him.

"John," she gasped. "Where... what...? Don´t you think these benches are too small?"

"Don´t worry." Captured by another kiss she was barely able to notice what he was doing. Not until she found herself spread out on a blanket on the puddle jumper´s floor, astonished. "You´re always good for a surprise."

"Well, I have my moments." Standing above her, he jerked at his belt and didn´t manage to open it.

Half-naked and breathless, with swollen lips, she watched. An odd, primitive excitement gripped her. Never before had she seen him this impatient and uncontrolled. He was famous for being always and everywhere in control. Even in times of disaster, he had been the one who stayed calm. The military man. Had he planned this? No. Not him. Not the man who mostly jumped right into danger without having a plan at all. That was his true self. A bubble of laughter rose up in her throat.

"What´s so funny?" Finally, he had been able to undo his belt. The pants followed quickly.

In shorts, he was a vision of delight. A pair with blue and white stripes, she noticed casually. Straight-lined. Soldier-like. "Just... the blanket... us... everything..."

"I agree." He stripped off the shorts, showing an impressive piece of pulsing flesh.

She swallowed, slightly nervous, and could barely look at him. But not for long.

He raised an amused eyebrow, teasing her, while he seized his hard - on, rubbing it right in front of her.

"Impossible man," she chuckled and relaxed. Invitingly she spread her legs and he lowered down between them. His clever tongue entered her mouth again and made her forget everything but the pleasure he was giving her. His body weight pinned her down and his hips pushed into her groin. Breathing harshly, she threw her head back and, sensing her wishes, he kissed and licked the tender spot on her neck. This alone drove her almost over the edge, it was a weakness she had never confessed to any man. Not even to Simon. A man who caressed her neck and ears could do anything with her. The wetness between her legs grew. "John... please..."

"Yes, ma'am." He unzipped her pants and seconds later they were gone. She spread her legs wider and felt his hand on her crotch. "You really want this, right?"

His gentleness made her still hornier. "If I order you to stop now, could you?"

He frowned seriously and his lower lip trembled slightly.

Nice. I didn´t know about that.

"Yes," he squeezed out.

Isn´t he cute? She put her hand on his and led it further down to make him feel the wetness of her panties. "Take me now, Major. That´s the only order you have to obey."

His lip trembled more fiercely while he ripped her underpants apart.

We´ll have to discuss this later, she mused. Much later.

John grabbed her hips, positioned himself and pushed slowly inside of her.

Gasping in delight, she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer. He gave in and pushed deeper. Breath by breath, she joined his rhythm by moving her hips. His cock sank in deeper. Her hands slid down his back to get a grip on his ass. Groaning, he fucked her harder and hit her center perfectly. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. This is good... I can´t... His thick shaft filled her completely. Close to the edge she cried out.

John paused at once.

Elizabeth´s eyes shot open. "No," she whimpered. "Don´t stop. Fuck me. Fuck me harder."

The shadow of a smirk appeared on his face but vanished quickly. "Your order is my command." Purposefully, he continued thrusting into her. His breathing became a straight line of ragged gasps. His eyes were like green fire. His brisk hard shafting turned into smooth gliding. It was hot and fast and good; the friction unbearable - unstoppable.

A climax like a thunderstorm gathered in Elizabeth´s belly, rising up and up and then... then... she screamed once more, lustful and satisfied, while a wave of sensations washed over her. Shaking with convulsions, she clutched his shoulders more firmly and felt him tighten instantly. A split second later his seed exploded into her, flooding her womb with heavy spurts of warm wetness. He crumpled down, gasping, and together they rested, sticky and wasted.

Eventually - after she was done enjoying the comforting warmth of his body, the light touch of his breathing, and his wonderful scent - Elizabeth came back to her senses. God. We didn´t even use any protection. Have I lost my mind? "Get off me."

"I don´t think so," he murmured, amused and pleased. Carefully, he slipped out of her. But only to get into position to lick over one of her softened nipples.

"What now, Major?" she snapped, bewildered.

He lifted his head and brought his handsome face close to hers. His eyes were twinkling stars. "Now we take the time to make this terrific event even better. The night is long, and as you know, I´m a very thorough man."

"Don´t you..." she tried to complain but it was in vain. One teasing hand moved between her thighs and started tickling her swollen clit. "Ah... oh... John... don´t..."

"You were saying?"

"Don´t you... don´t you dare... stop."

"Yes, ma'am."

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