Swap Meet

  • Gregīs appearance: Irresistible

  • 6 Scenes: With Grissom, Sara
    and Brass

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    He isnīt the best in spelling.
  • Misc.: He stands up to Hodges.

First Scene:
The Coroners remove the body on the gurney. Sara and Greg watch. Greg is holding the camera. Sara kneels down next to the fountain and looks inside. She picks up a black shoe. Sara and Greg discuss the finding. Greg walks over to his kit to get the things.

Second Scene:
Mia Dickerson is in the lab putting her latex gloves on. David Hodges opens the lab door and walks inside. He talks to her about her latex gloves. The opposite door opens and Greg looks in. He asks Hodges for the results of the drowned victim. Hodges wants to give them in five minutes but Greg insists it has to be now. They leave Mia and walk into the Trace Lab. Hodges points out that Greg spelled "Fountain water" at the label of the evidence wrong. He lets Greg look through the scope and updates him about the results. At the end, Hodges teases him again about his spelling skills.

Third Scene:
Greg takes a sample of the pool water. He takes the sample as Grissom logs it on the clipboard. Brass is interviewing Erin Brady, the party hostess. Paul Brady walks outside and joins them. Greg finishes putting the label on the sample jar. Grissom asks the couple, if they can have a look inside their house. They agree. Grissom and Greg heads into the house. Grissom puts on his latex gloves and looks around the clean living room. Erin and Paul stand inside the living room. Grissom heads into the kitchen while Greg lingers in the living room. Grissom looks around the kitchen. He opens the case on the counter and finds two of the four skewers in the case. He takes one out. He calls the Bradys to join him in the kitchen. They walk in. The dishwasher finishes. Grissom walks over to it and opens it. He pulls out the top rack in the dishwasher and picks up a light-colored dildo. Grissom says, "Well, cleanliness is next to godliness." Erin shrugs. Paul looks back at Greg who can't help but chuckle.

Fourth Scene:
Mia Dickerson goes through the things Greg brought back from the house. Nine vibrators, five plugs, four strands of beads. Greg smiles at her. "Some kids are happy playing in the sand box, others want every toy in the store," he says. Mia will swab everything but she doesnīt believe in useful results. Greg teases her further and Mia shuts him up by mentioning she heard from Sara Greg didn't lose his virginity until he was 22. Quickly, Greg changes the subject. They talk only business and then Greg leaves the lab.

Fifth Scene:
Mia reports her results to Greg and Grissom. She stands in front of the whiteboard that has her results listed on it.

Sixth Scene:
Greg is back in the Cunningham's backyard. He looks around and finds the hanging bar-b-cue utensils. He puts his kit down and takes a picture of the fork. He tests it and finds blood.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "Hey, Hodges, you got the results of our drowning victim?"
Hodges: "Yeah, in five. I'm in the middle of the rest of my life."
Greg: "Well, I kind of need them now."
Hodges: (to Mia) "I'll be back."
Hodges: "Good thing you didn't have to take a spelling test to work the field."
He picks up the jar and shows the label to Greg.
Hodges: "Funtain" water?"
The label reads: Where This Article was Found:
FUNTAIN/Investigation Officer: G. SANDERS
Greg: "My people are Norwegian. That's how we spell it. So, is the "funtain" water in her lungs?"

My Comment:
Terrific episode. Main subject: Sex! A load of shipper stuff and fun. A great episode for a fanatic G/G slasher like me. Very inspiring.

The first time I saw the pics of Grissom finding the dildos in the dishwasher I prayed: Oh please, let Greg be at his side while this happens, please, I beg you. My prayers were answered. I was perfectly happy.
Well, letīs take a closer look at this particular scene. Grissom, Brass and Greg at the Brady residence. Erin Brady comes on to Grissom and he isnīt thrilled about it. Brass smirks. (OF COURSE!) Grissom asks Erin, "What kind of party was it?" and Erin answers, "A mixer." Greg stands shyly at Grissomīs side, the eyes kept on the ground. Grissom turns his head and gives Greg a peculiar look and Greg smiles at him. Next, Greg lowers his eyes again. He seems amused but also embarrassed. Grissom is pretty perplexed by Erinīs directness. Erinīs husband is only a bystander.
The very same in the following scene. Grissom finds the dildos and confronts Erin, who just shrugs. Grissom jokes around. "Well, cleanliness is next to godliness," is really hilarious. And he is right. Cleanliness is very, very important. Greg chuckles loudly and then he looks down again. Heīs visibly embarrassed. Grissom smiles. AH. Nice. We donīt see that very often.
Greg/Mia/Grissom. Grissom is very cranky around her. Why? Is he just unsatisfied with the results or doesnīt he like Gregīs flirting with Mia?

Despite the wonderful G/G interaction it was Gregīs clash with Hodges which is the best moment of the episode and made my day. We can hate Hodges as much as we like but he is never lame. His scenes are always an enrichment.
Hodges points out Gregīs failure (after he was blown off by Mia) and Greg gets defensive. Itīs obvious, Hodges doesnīt like Greg. He takes pleasure in seeing him humiliated whenever he can. I think Hodges envies Greg for being Grissomīs favorite lab boy and a future CSI. Grissomīs approval is very important to Hodges and he never gets it. So, Hodges treats Greg like a little lab boy of whom he wants to be superior. In addition, while Greg is popular by almost everyone Hodges isnīt. Therefore, Hodges vents his anger at Greg. One idea is to take all their true hate and translate it in their bed, into never seen passion. Hot Hodges/Sanders Slash is something I would like to read. :D Certainly, Hodges would be on top and Greg the submissive. But as we know from "Slaves of Las Vegas" the submissive is the one who is really in control.

Greg and Sara had their moment too. When they find high-heeled shoes, Greg comments, "Hot shoes," and at once Sara gives Greg a lecture. "You think these are sexy, huh? Did you know that shoes like these put degenerative stress on the hip joints, throw off the curve of the spine, and the tilt to the pelvis, over time, women get headaches, sore backs, shortened calf muscles and bunions, of course." Greg listens and finally soothes her with, "I take it back."
Well, I fully agree with Saraīs opinion on high-heeled shoes. I never liked them, I never wear them. But was it necessary to give Greg a lecture about it? I think not.
The way, heīs acting around her, I have the feeling, Greg had become Saraīs boy.

Mia and Greg. He flirts and she shuts him up with, "Sara said you didn't lose your virginity until you were 22." Well, sheīs definitely joking. Even though, it could be the truth, Greg would never tell Sara a secret like that. NEVER. Rather, he would tell Catherine. Greg freezes for a moment and then he finds back his voice. "Grissom and I figured..." are his first words and then he continues to talk only business until he leaves. Mia, like Sara, was a little bit hard on him. Does it hurt to flirt back a little? Catherine can handle situations like this a lot better.

Random thoughts:
Maybe Greg wrote "fountain water" wrong because he was close to Grissom at the moment and he was distracted.
So, Grissom fantasizes about someone. Certainly, because everybody does. But we donīt know who, right? It could be a man, it could be Greg.
Grissom sends Greg alone to a house to find evidence. Despite of what happened in "Viva Las Vegas" he still trusts him.