Table Stakes

  • Gregīs appearance: Adorable
  • 5 Scenes: with Grissom,
    Nick, Sara and Catherine

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/C,
    G/N, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    He drinks Merlot, eats lamb,
    sleeps enough on his day off.

  • Misc.: Itīs the second time,
    he brings the topic "raise " up.

First Scene:
Greg sits in his chair and turns the music on and up. He swings around, completely hyped up as the music blares in his lab. Nick and Sara come in and they talk about his past day off and the recent results.

Second Scene:
Sara sits at the break room table. Nick hands her a cup of coffee. She shakes her head. She prefers to get something to eat. Greg bursts into the room. He tells them exhilerating news about the case. Greg cheers with excitement and then rushes out of the room.

Third Scene:
Greg shows Grissom and Catherine he cannot start an DNA profile on the victim because her toothbrush and her hairbrush are completely clean.

Fourth Scene:
With the Portia Richmond hairpiece on his head, Greg goes dancing out in the hallway. He kicks and swivels his hips. Catherine turns the corner and stops when she sees Greg. They talk about her past life as a dancer. Suddenly Grissom is standing behind Greg. Catherine sees Grissom and clears her throat. Greg turns around and finds himself face to face with Grissom. He takes the headpiece off of his head and reports. Then he quickly steps back into his lab. Catherine suppresses a grin and looks at the speechless Grissom.

Fifth Scene:
Grissom walks in the lab and asks Greg for the results of the fingernail that Catherine found at the crime scene. Grissom reaches into his case and takes out an evidence envelope. He opens it up for Greg who reaches for a tissue and takes out a straw. Grissom wants him to run it.

Best Dialogs:
Nick: "What up, G?"
Sara: "You're awake. I hate you."
Greg: "A couple of glasses of merlot. Rack of lamb on my day off. I slept like a baby yesterday. You look horrible."
Sara: "Thanks, Greg."
Nick: "Don't look at me. I've got 'sunshine' all night."

Sara: "Everything has to be in CODIS ASAP."
Greg: "Oh, is that all? I want to know who's going to authorize my overtime?"
Sara: "Suck it up, Greg. You're well-rested."
Greg: "You want a valium for her?"
Sara: "I heard that."

Catherine: "You want to take that thing off your head, Greg? It's evidence."
Greg: "Cool your jets, Cath. I already got all the evidence out of it.'s all woman. Did you ever wear one of these when you were dancing?"
Catherine: "I wore nothing but skin."
Greg: "Ooh."

My Comment:
It happened. Iīm in love. Iīm tapping. Greg won my heart. He is completely adorable.
A great episode for shippers.

1. Greg and Grissom. The look of Grissom when Greg asks for a raise - superb. His total bafflement when he caught Greg with the headpiece on. Gregīs nervousness which is still present when Grissom talks to him later. But Grissom isnīt angry just a little grim. He even slightly teases Greg. That surprised me.

2. Greg and Sara. A lot of teasing and flirting. But itīs not yet obvious he has a crush on her.

3. Greg and Catherine. When Greg asks for the raise she eases the situation diplomatic and forestalls Grissomīs anger. Greg flirts frankly with her but she just teases him.

4. Greg and Nick. Greg teases Sara but he smiles at Nick. Nick calls Greg "G". Cute.

The way he says "Now... it's all woman" about the headdress. So...slashy.

The best episode of the 1. Season for me.

Starring Greg