Talking is overrated

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom
Rating: R
Category: Romance, Humor
Series/Sequel: No
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Summary: They work out a misunderstanding
Warning: Slash, M/M, Spoiler for "Chaos Theory"
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Released: November 2004
Beta: Erika
Word Count: 1.051

Gil locked the door.

"Greg! Are you home?"

No answer. "Greg?!"

Not a sound.

"Damn," Gil mumbled, "he said he would be home early." He threw the keys on the kitchen board and switched the TV on. In a few minutes a documentary about ants would be aired on the Discovery Channel. Learning something new about insects was one of the few things he took pleasure in...Though someone else he took pleasure in a lot more was clearly not available. Not at the moment anyway. Pulling his sweater off, he entered the bathroom.

Greg sat in the bathtub, covered in foam up to his neck.

Gil stopped in his tracks. "Dear God! Why didn´t you answer me? I thought you weren´t home."

Greg didn´t respond.

"Since when do you take a bubble bath by yourself?" Gil got rid of his pants. He smiled warmly. "Are you waiting for me to join you?"

Silently, Greg shook his head.

Gil was confused. "Why not? It´s not the first time we..."

Greg stood up; water and foam were running down his slender body. His displayed nakedness was sudden and - tempting.

He´s adorable -- certainly a lot more exciting than ants, Gil realized. He reached for Greg.

But Greg shoved his hand away. Wordless, he left the bathtub and didn´t grab a towel to cover himself up. He walked out in the nude.

Gil´s confusion doubled. "Greg, what is it?" He followed him to the living-room.

Greg got himself a beer from the fridge and gave him a weird look.

Gil stared stunned at naked Greg. Not because he was naked but because he stood there like a non-talking statue. What is this? A new way to seduce me?

Coolly, Greg put the beer on the table and went to the bedroom - naked.

Gil stayed put; his confusion grew. Is this the signal to follow him? Why doesn´t he talk to me?

Quickly, Greg was back again. He wore shorts now. Not minding Gil at all, he slumbered onto the sofa.

Gil became impatient. "Did you take a vow of silence? Quit it now. It´s getting on my nerves."

Greg gave him a dirty look.

Gil returned the look with matching intensity.

Amazingly, Greg didn´t lower his eyes. Why, no. He kept staring him down.

That´s a first, Gil thought, meanwhile quite taken by this game. Never before, Greg had dared to look at him like this for that long. Greg always had been the talker, babbling on and on and driving him nuts with it. Then, an overwhelming epiphany hit Gil out of nowhere as he barely finished the thought.
Oh boy. Greg´s not talking is because of me. I did tell him to stop talking. I insulted him.

"Are we paying you by the word?" had been his brush off at the lab. Greg had silenced at once and pouting, he had given him the test results. That had been the last time they had seen each other at work.
A sly smile teased Gil´s lips. Well, I see. My boy is lecturing me. I think that´s a problem I´m able to solve.
He approached Greg, hovering over him.

Greg showed not the slightest sign of being awed. He didn´t even blink.

Gil became aroused. Without a warning, he shoved Greg on his back.

A wide-eyed look was the response but still not the tiniest sound was revealed.

Gil´s excitement grew rapidly. He got on top of Greg and started tickling the pale skin on the uncovered ribs.

Taken by surprise, Greg wriggled to get rid of Gil. At the same time, he pressed his lips together forcefully. It was obvious he was trying not to laugh.

Gil had no mercy and tickled him a good deal more.

Once more, Greg tried to fight him off, but it was too late. He burst out laughing.

Still, Gil didn´t let go.

"Stop," Greg blurted, convulsing with laughter.

"Ah, at last he talks," Gil declared, amused. "A word I have to pay for." He lowered down and kissed Greg´s mouth. The laughter stilled.

Gil rose and Greg murmured something. "What was that?" Gil asked. "I wasn´t able to catch it." He kissed Greg´s neck, licking along its line. Greg´s new laughter satisfied and thrilled Gil. He wanted Greg. Now. The ants on the Discovery Channel were forgotten.
He kissed Greg´s trembling chest. He licked the left nipple thoroughly, teasing it with his teeth.

Greg kept wriggling against his grip but not very seriously. He played along with their game.

"Talk!" Gil confronted him directly. "I´ll pay up for every single word."

Greg shook his head.

Gil took care of Greg´s right nipple, licking and biting it intensely.

Greg groaned.

Gil went further down and put a lingering kiss on the bulging shorts. "At least a certain someone is still being quite talkative."

Greg shuddered with neediness. He wanted Gil. Now. Forgotten now was what had happened at work. Still, he wasn´t ready to give in completely. He kept silent.

Gil inspected Greg´s navel with his tongue. Dipping in, he licked it clean.

Greg went soundless.

Gil trailed from the navel further down - and down. He tugged at Greg´s shorts...

Greg seemed to have stopped breathing.

Gil considered his course. It was time to put all the eggs in one basket. He straightened up. "This is wrong. I´ll stop right here. I insulted you and you have ..."

"No," Greg decided clearly.

Gil repressed a satisfied grin. "No? Are you sure?"

"Yes," Greg whispered.

Gil put his face close to Greg´s. "Are you giving in?"


"Will you talk to me?"


Gil exposed Greg´s hard shaft. "Promise me."

Groaning, Greg arched up. "I´ll promise you anything, but don´t stop."

Gil laughed merrily. "It´s always nice to have you begging - Greggo." He leaned down and sweetened his arrogance with the dearest kiss.

Greg entangled him in his grip. "It´s always nice to have you making up to me - boss." He undressed Gil in a rush. "Let´s talk later."

"Well, I´ll have to consider," Gil teased.

"Please." Greg rubbed his body along Gil´s.

"Agreed." Gil enclosed Greg´s longing member. "Talking is way overrated anyway."

Not a single word was spoken in a long time. Still, they did understand each other quite perfectly.

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