Turning of the Screw

  • Greg´s appearance: Ambitious

  • 5 Scenes: with Grissom,
    Nick and Sara

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/N, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    He likes to rhyme.
  • Misc.:
    He gets his own CSI vest.

First Scene:
The amusement park parking lot is filled with personnel, curious on-lookers and the media. An officer holds up the tape for Nick, Sara and Greg. Greg is carrying Sara´s kit for her in addition to his own. They make their way over to Grissom. He advices them to photograph the scene, bag and tag all the detritus and forklift anything bigger than Greg. They are going to put up a tent on the other side of the parking lot for accident reconstruction. Greg is asking Grissom, why one of the bodies is so far away from the others. Grissom finds it curious, but doesn´t answer the question. Greg is asking Nick, what he should do. A photo-evidence log, he shall record everything they collect, Nick says.

Second Scene:
Sara continues to snap photos of the evidence and evidence markers on the asphalt. Nick bags the evidence while Greg logs them down. They work methodically.

Third Scene:
They've set up a large tent in the parking lot. Inside, Grissom walks in. A long table has been set up with the various pieces of evidence gathered on it. Nick, Sara and Greg are going through everything. Grissom holds up a baggie with a nut. He´s looking for the missing screw. Grissom picks up a screw and looks at the threads, on which the end threads are stripped. Nick says that means the nuts were loose and excessive play on the screws would've worn down the threads. Grissom says, then the nuts would've popped off. They figure someone must have loosened the nuts on purpose.

Fourth Scene:
Greg works on logging in the various car parts. He looks up and sees Sara walk in with Grissom. He tells them he found something a little unusual for a roller coaster. Semen. He wonders if it is probative to the investigation. Sara asks him to swab a sample to find it out. Grissom wants to know, who the R.O. of this t-bird is. Greg grabs the registration papers and reads off the name. He tells Grissom, he didn't realize the cars were relevant to the investigation. Grissom answers, everything's relevant, until it's not. Grissom and Sara both look into the car. Sara sees something in the trunk. She takes a pipe wrench out. Blood is on it. Grissom is asking Greg for the ALS. Grissom checks the back of the trunk and envisions the dead body over it. He explains to Sara and Greg, the victim Nevins may have never been in the roller coaster. He was possibly killed by that wrench and stuffed in his own trunk. Sara will call Brass, so he can find an eyewitness that can place the car in the parking lot at the time of Nevin's death.

Fifth Scene:
Nick works on taking mold samples of the wrench grips. He sets up a screw, takes a sample of the wrench grip on the screw and makes molds of the markings. He puts the samples under the scope and compares the two. Grissom walks into the lab. Nick asks Grissom to look through the scope and lines up the two samples. They are a perfect match. Nick has the theory, that maybe Jim Nevins sabotaged the roller coaster and when he left the park, someone attacked him, grabbed his wrench and hit him over the head with it. Nick got a partial print off the wrench and had a tech print the T-bird, who found two sets of prints on the trunk's lid. Greg walks into the lab. He rhymes: That semen from the coaster's cab was just processed in my lab. All I can say is Nevins was a cad. He says also, Brass says Nevins was known for taking girls on private rides. Nick admits: Well, there goes my theory. No one tampers with their sex machine.

Best Dialogs:
Grissom: "Questions?"
Greg: "Yeah. What's that guy doing so far away from the others?"
They look over at the lone body on the ground away from the wreckage.
Grissom: "Curious, isn't it?"
He turns and leaves. Greg looks at Sara.
Greg: "So, when he asks if anybody has any questions, he's not really asking?"

Greg: "I found something a little unusual, for a roller coaster. Not a sailor, but a ..."
Sara: "Semen? Sex on the roller coaster?"
Greg: "Or some kid shaking hands with shorty."
Grissom: "The release of epinephrine and adrenaline while riding a roller coaster can produce a stimulatory effect. It enhances ejaculation."
Greg: "Right. But is it probative to our investigation?"

My Comment:
A fantastic episode. Certainly one of the best Greg episodes in Season four. Greg is in the field and even better is that he is with Grissom in the field. Oh yeah. He looks gorgeous with his new CSI vest.
The dialog between Grissom, Sara and Greg about sex in roller coasters is hilarious.
Pleased, I noticed much more stuff for shippers.

Greg/Grissom: Grissom makes a joke about him. Forklift anything bigger than Greg. Unbelievable. I noticed the hint of amusement in Grissom´s eyes. Greg was speechless. Greg dares to ask when the boss says: Questions? He doesn´t get a direct answer. So funny.
Greg doesn´t interfere much in the conversation of Grissom, Sara and Nick about "a screw". Mostly only listening, he only adds: Nuts don't just pop off by themselves. Grissom gives him an approving look and he smiles. Ah. Grissom is very nice to him, even when Greg rhymes, Grissom only raises an eyebrow. Politely he asks Greg to hand him over the ALS. I liked that.
Sex in roller coasters: "Or some kid shaking hands with shorty", Greg says and Grissom touches his ear while he threws Greg a quick look. What is it Grissom? Why are you so nervous about the subject? Is this the way you get off? Interesting, because we know how much he likes to ride roller coasters.

Greg/Sara: It surprised me how nice Sara is to him. Well, yes, he carrys her CSI kit, but she gives him some explanation after Grissom has left without answering his question. She almost smiles. She also says "Hi" and "Good work". Amazing. What´s going on here?

Greg/Nick: They are working together. Greg is asking Nick: What should I do? Nick tells him.

Greg is visibly affected by the cruel and tragic way the victims have died. This makes him even more attractive to me.

Addition: Oh, I almost overlooked something. When Grissom says, that he´s looking for a screw, Greg hurries to bring him an entire tray with a bunch of screws.