• Gregīs appearance:

  • 8 Scenes: With Sara and Brass

  • Shippyness: G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    His apartment is probably
    a mess, expensive cars are
    like art to him.
  • Misc.: For the first time
    he interviews a suspect.

First Scene:
Greg is checking out the screw on the car's tire. Sofia walks into the garage. Greg tells her the tire's valve stem was two full turns unscrewed. Sofia asks him to print around the fender. Greg does and finds a print. Sofia smiles.

Second Scene:
Greg runs the print through the database. He finds a match to Brad Himmel.

Third Scene:
Brass and Greg interview Brad Himmel. Eventually, an officer enters the room and whispers loudly to Brass that they have found a dead female in Sutor and her description matches the missing Lori Kyman.

Fourth Scene:
Sara is testing the car tires. She and Greg sit in front of the turning tire. Sara is holding a stopwatch. Finally, they come to the result that Lori died before the tire went flat.

Fifth Scene:
Sara opens the trunk to Amy Maynard's car. She looks into the trunk. Greg walks into the garage. She shows him what she found out. Greg asks her what has happened with her and Ecklie. She hesitates but he insists. She does, briefly and thanks him for asking. She closes the trunk.

Sixth Scene:
Greg stands in front of the Bentley, admiring the car. Sara and Sofia walk up behind him. Greg opens the trunk. The carpet is red as the interior and recently vacuumed by someone. Sofia vacuums the trunk of the car anyway. She removes the filter and puts it in the bag Greg holds open. Sara opens the car engine and looks inside. She finds a pod inside. Another pod was found in the victim's hair. Greg says that plant DNA is no different than human DNA. In fact, a plant genome is larger. If they can prove the pod came from that dump site means Lori's mother is a viable suspect.

Seventh Scene:
Greg processes the pod.

Eighth Scene:
Sofia and Sara are walking down the hallway when Greg walks up to them from behind. He tells them that he called the family lawyer and found out the motive for the murder: Money. Sofia chuckles and walks away. Greg turns to Sara. "She's fitting in pretty well, huh?" Sara turns and walks away. Greg grins.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "If you've added up every cent I've made in my entire life, I still wouldn't be able to afford half this car."
Sara: "Yeah, but why would you want it? The insurance premiums are sky-high. Not to mention theft, scratches."
Greg: "It's art. And I'd have every girl in the neighborhood after me."
Sofia: "Not when they saw your apartment."
Sara: "You've been to Greg's apartment?"
Sofia: "Who hasn't?"

My Comment:
Again, itīs Greg and Sara all the way. No Greg/Grissom for 3 episodes. Iīm mourning. Well, the episode was good and Greg was great. Iīm grateful his hair color is lighter again. It makes him look much better.

Greg and Sofia. They are a good team, a professional team. I think Sofia likes Greg.

Finally, Greg is allowed to interview a suspect. He handles it calm and factual. Although, he displays his annoyance for a man who tricks women to get them into bed with him. Thatīs my boy.

Greg and Sara. For the first time, he achieves something. She talks to him about personal matters. Wow. She doesnīt say much but for someone like Sara it was indeed some progress. Please, how can you resist his boyish smile, Sara? "Iīm a good listener". Isnīt he cute? Sara thanks him for asking and right after she looks as if she already regrets what she has done. I laughed out loud.

Has Sofia really been to Gregīs apartment? I have to say "NO". She is just kidding to tease either Greg or Sara. She does it without success. Neither Greg nor Sara show much of a reaction. They stay cool. Saraīs question, "You've been to Greg's apartment?" doesnīt sound in the slightest jealous. Sorry, shippers. Way better is the moment when Greg corrects Sofia, "Who says we can't? Plant DNA is no different than human DNA. In fact, a plant genome is larger. I'm on it." Sara looks at him, proudly.

The end. When Greg says, "She's (Sofia) fitting in pretty well, huh?" Sara looks pissed and walks away. Greg grins very peculiar. Does he know she is jealous about Sofia because of Grissom? Does he tease her on purpose? He even touches her arm. Weird. Maybe, Sara is jealous that Sofia claims she has been to Gregīs apartment after all? Thatīs why Greg grins that brightly.

Hodges and Sofia. She handles him very well. He canīt make her angry.
"And unlike some of the men in this lab, whose initials are Greg Sanders, she probably washes her hands," he provokes Sofia. She only smiles. Oh, oh David. Do you want Greg that much you canīt stop thinking about him one second? Come on. You act like a schoolboy, who runs down the same girl over and over again. When Sofia leaves, Hodges is in a very good mood. He even smiles. Wow!