Unfinished Business

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance, Smut
Series/Sequel: No
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Summary: Missing Scene from "Early Rollout"
Warning: Slash, M/M, Spoilers for "Early Rollout"
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Email: daniforblue@yahoo.de
Beta: Erika, Monika
Released: June 2004
Word Count: 2.295

The rising sun was sending its countless beams to enlighten the darkness with warmth and joy. In one home, warmth and joy had already taken over before the shadows of the night vanished to give way for a new day.

On a bed, two entangled bodies weren´t minding the sun, which was floating the room with its golden light, nor anything else.

Gil Grissom didn´t need any sunshine to heat him up. Already feeling very hot, he arched his head back and opened his mouth to cry out, to let it all out. "Faster." In growing demand, he grabbed the head of his lover, who was lingering between his thighs, and stroked the short messy hair wildly. His taken hard-on pulsed and burnt like a volcano filled with hot lava close to an eruption. "Come on," he claimed impatiently. "Don´t hold back." His lover´s mouth took him in deeper, embracing the shaft tightly, sucking him faster, sucking him harder. "Yes...yes...now!" Gil yelled, shooting his hot seed inside of Greg´s wonderful wetness. Moaning loudly, Gil enjoyed his shuttering orgasm. Finally he went still.

Greg released the cock slowly and carefully from his mouth.

Feeling great affection, Gil grabbed Greg by the shoulders and pulled him up to his face. "Come here." He kissed his lover´s lips, tasting his own flavor. At the same time, he felt a hard length pressing against his naked thigh. "Mmh," Gil mumbled. "I think my boy needs his gratification."

Greg gasped in agreement.

Gil turned him on his back. Pulling down Greg´s shorts, he found a ready, thick cock. His eyes focused on it, while a grin spread over his face. "Nice presentation, Greg," he teased fondly.

A hot, caressing gaze was the response.

Gently, Gil dug his fingers into the balls, making Greg squirm under him and whimpering his name, again and again. Ready to make him as happy as himself, Gil stuck his head between the trembling legs, his tongue slid out....as the phone rang. Gil´s head jerked up.
A call at this time could only be from work. He swore, yet the phone kept ringing.

"Let it ring," Greg groaned in despair, waiting for Gil to touch him. "Please."

But Gil was already alarmed. "At this hour it can only be work," he muttered apologetically. Naked, he rushed to the phone.

"Who cares! Come back here!" Greg shouted furiously.

"Be quiet," Gil ordered, while he was picking up the phone. His mind was already somewhere else. "Gil Grissom," he answered, and listened intently. "All right. I´ll be there in thirty minutes," he said finally and put the phone down. "Greg, I..."

"Don´t bother," Greg griped. "I´ll go home." Still showing an impressive hard-on, he jumped up and rushed to the bathroom.

He´s pissed, which is quite understandable, Gil realized. Leaving him in this particular condition is just unfair, especially after he satisfied my own needs so perfectly.

The shower stopped.

That was quick, Gil thought.

Greg came out and started looking for his clothes, not minding him at all.

Gil went to take a shower himself. A minute later he heard that the door was slammed shut. He sighed unhappily.

At the Crime Scene, Grissom got his equipment out of the car, joining Catherine who did the same.

"Early morning call-out, the worst," she complained softly. "Where did you come from?"


"Did you get any sleep?"

"No. You?"

"About half an hour," she lamented.

"I was watching the world series of poker," Gil explained. "Waiting for Sam Farha to light his cigarette."

"Mm-hmm." She gave him a look like she was thinking that over.

Fine with me, Gil thought. Better than telling her the truth, right? Oh Catherine, I was right in the middle of making our dearest lab boy very, very happy by sucking his dick. No, that would be simply impossible. His amusement vanished quickly.

The police had found the bodies of a couple, slashed up in their own driveway. Focused on scrutinizing the scene and finding evidence to solve the crime, he forgot all about Greg. For now.

Greg was pissed off. Literally being unsatisfied, he found himself at the Crime Scene only for the reason he had nothing better to do. Sitting at home and pouting would be far worse then being here learning field work. Waiting for twenty minutes at a wrong gate didn´t make his mood any better. Neither was meeting Warrick, who had chosen the day to play supervisor.

"You just got off a shift?" Warrick bitched without a former greeting.

"Catherine called me. I'm here to help with the case."

"You´re looking like a man who just rolled out of bed. You´re all right?"

"Yeah, why?" Greg replied coolly. Actually, I was rolled out of bed.

"T-shirt, sneakers. You're already half an hour late," Warrick continued nagging. "Grissom will rip you a new one, if he sees you like that."

"Seriously?" Greg repressed a laugh. I wish he would. Right now.

Warrick wasn´t finished correcting him, by no means at all. "Yeah, it's not a rebel game. It's a Crime Scene. See, this is what I'm talking about right here."

Blahblahblah, Greg mocked him on the inside. Not amused of being lectured by a man he wasn´t sleeping with, he tried to stay focused....longing for Grissom to be here, lecturing him as much as he wanted to.

Grissom was sitting in his office, thinking about the personal conversation he had mastered with Catherine yesterday. It had been about how she couldn´t handle not having a personal life, plus the fact that she had not had sex for seven months. The thought brought him back to his own life.
Well, Cath, he mused. I have a personal life. I even have sex. Sometimes. When my work doesn´t get in the way.
Every time he saw Greg since that morning they had been interrupted so rudely, Gil´s guilt grew steadily. Into the bargain, he noticed that Greg ignored him every time they met. Quite unusual, wasn´t it? As unusual as the shirt Greg had been wearing at the Crime Scene. Was he trying to tell me something with this...imprint? Gil wasn´t sure and definitely didn´t have enough time to find out right now.
Seeing Brass walking into his office, he tried to focus his attention quickly back to the photos of jewelry, which were scattered on his desk.

"Hey, what are you doing after work?" Brass asked, smiling.

"More work." Yeah, and fixing the problem with my boyfriend, Gil considered moodily. He forced himself to lock up his private feelings and continue the investigation.

Around midnight, the murder case still wasn´t solved yet, but the lab was pretty quiet. Using the spare time, Gil went looking for Greg to make it up to him. Not finding him, he asked Jacqui, who told him, Greg had gone to his car to drive home and rest for a few hours. Quickly, Gil rushed outside and was lucky to catch up with him at the car. "Where are you going?"

"Home. I´m finished with my work for now. I know you don´t," Greg responded without looking at him.

Gil could see that he was still mad at him. "True. I´ve some unfinished business. Right here." Smiling, he grabbed Greg by the shirt, pulling him to his face. "I miss the shirt you wore at the Crime Scene."

"What?" Greg stared into his eyes, perplexed. "What are you doing?"

Greg´s stunned expression broadened his smile. "Finishing my business." By taking the inviting lips which were so close to his, he completed Greg´s confusion. Kissing him copiously, he fumbled for the handle of the car door. The second he pulled the door open, Greg freed himself.

"Gil," he gasped. "Are you out of your mind? Do you know where we are?"

"Certainly," Gil replied airily. "Keep your head down." Pushing him inside the car, he followed, landing on top of him.

Baffled, Greg kept still.

After he had closed the door behind them, Gil was putting the locks down.

Caged under him, there was barely room to move, Greg started to breathe heavily.

Gil shifted around, feeling every muscle of Greg, one hard muscle in particular. "Maybe I am out of my mind, but you like it, like it a lot, I can tell." He bowed down, and murmured sweet nothings into his ear, before he captured his lips in a second passionate kiss.

Wrapping his arms around him, Greg was giving back kiss for kiss.

Gil drew back to whisper: "I´m sorry for what happened the last time." Stroking the one hard muscle, Gil felt his lover´s eagerness to forgive him.

Hard as a rock, Greg was enjoying all the pleasures, which were finally given to him.

"Dear boy," Gil teased fondly. "A quick break to ease yourself?" Opening the zipper, he took hold of the shaft, which was moistened with longing.

"I wanted you to ease my pain. Only you," Greg moaned with growing lust.

"I see." Stimulated by his yearning, Gil took the needy flesh in his hand, softening Greg´s desire. Hungrily, the shaft welcomed his firm strokes.

"The entire time, I wanted this, I needed this and was dreaming about it," Greg whispered.

Gil let his tongue ran along Greg´s jawline. "Sorry for not giving you full satisfaction when it was needed." Reaching the full lips, he teased them until they met his in another searing kiss. Greg´s body arched up, and Gil held him down, while enforcing the grip around the pulsing cock.

Whimpering into Gil´s mouth, Greg pressed himself tighter into his embrace. Their tongues were gliding around each other, whimpers and sighs were filling the air.

Gil let go of Greg´s cock, burying his hands into the messy hair of his lover, almost losing control. The kiss deepened, their relentless tongues bouncing together until strangled sounds came from both men and they had to break the contact - breathless.

Lips swollen and glittering with Gil´s saliva, eyes glazed with lust, Greg begged: "Suck me now."

Smiling, Gil plucked the shirt out of Greg´s pants, shoving it up. "Shh, you need to be patient." His lips attacked the freckled chest.

"It´s better to make it quick, before we get caught," Greg disagreed, bemused.

"Well," Gil mumbled, while his tongue flickered around a hardened nipple. "They´d only find a supervisor, who is giving a trainee his needed field training."

Greg burst out laughing, but stilled quickly when Gil bit down on one sensitive nipple. Groaning with passion, he pleaded: "Gil, please. I can´t wait any longer. I´m far beyond ready."

Gil lifted his head and showed a brilliant smile. "Ah, finally the truth." He placed his lips on the rosy head of Greg´s cock, sucking gently.

Greg bucked his hips. "Don´t tease."

Swallowing him down, Gil ended his misery.

Greg´s breathing became short and raspy. Again and again, he bucked up against Gil´s controlling mouth, driving himself in to the limit. "Oh yes, yes."

His outright yearning made Gil sucking the pulsing rod harder, eager to make him come and taste his sweetness.

The hands of Greg clawed into the flesh of Gil´s arms, the fingernails scratched the skin. Greg pushed his erection back and forth until he was moving with the fierce sucking rhythm of Gil´s mouth. Faster and faster, more and more, until the tension in his body reached the limit. "Yes, Gil, yes!" he yelled uncontrolled. The rest of his outburst was muted by Gil´s hand, which was pressed over his mouth. Biting into the hand, Greg went silently over the edge. The broken tension melted into heavy spurts of softest cream, which was flowing down Gil´s throat.

Drinking every drop and milking the spending rod empty, Gil tasted ripe sweetness and delight. Lifting up, he caught Greg with closed eyes; his mouth was slightly hanging open. Gently, Gil stroked the now even more messed-up hair, and was gifted with a very happy smile. "Better now?" he asked.

Greg opened his eyes. "Yes. Still, you´re quite mad, you know. Someone could have come by."

With careful fingers, Gil put the spent penis back into the pants. "It´s still a possibility." They shifted around, until they ended up sitting side by side.

Greg laid his head on Gil´s shoulder. "Will you come home with me?"

"I can´t. The case is still open."

"And you were wasting time for me? I´m flattered."

"Well, first things first. I hate unfinished business."

Pleased, Greg kissed him once more.

Already pressed for time, Gil reached for the doorhandle, but a sudden knock at the window made him recoil again. Startled, he saw Brass standing outside, grinning.

"Parking in public, Gil?"

"No. We were...we are..."

"...working," Brass finished for him. "I know. I remember you told me how busy you are."

Gil was speechless.

Greg pressed a hand to his mouth to keep himself from laughing.

Brass winked at them. "Jacqui told me you could be out here. Interestingly, I heard some strange squealing, when I was coming up to the car. Were the results of your work satisfying?"

Greg burst into chuckles.

"That isn´t funny," Gil scolded, blushing.

On the following day the case was finally closed. Catherine passed by Grissom´s office door and found him sitting behind his desk. "Oh ... you're still here ... so I'm leaving. Need anything?"

"No, I'm good."

"Are we good?"

"We'll be fine."

"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Going out?"

"I've got some unfinished business to take care of. I'll see you." She walked away.

Gil smiled and nibbled on the temples of his glasses. Do that, Cath. Take care of your business. I hope you´ll be having as much fun as I had by finishing mine.

Gil grinned. Maybe it´s time to start another business.

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