Memorable moments of Greg Sanders

1. Season

Greg dances with a showgirl´s headdress (evidence) through the lab

2. Season

Greg puts some markers up his nose

Greg in the field - a bad day for him

Greg rocks in the lab

3. Season

Grissom infected him with mildew - Greg looks angry for the first time

Grissom butters Greg up

Greg in the field again - a very good day for him

Greg is bored and irritates other labtechs

Greg gets injured in a explosion at the lab and is taken to hospital

4. Season

Greg´s "Soda Bottle" Trip

Greg, out in the field with Cath

Greg is showing Sara his perfect teeth

5. Season

Greg´s final proficiency - he failed but gets one more chance

Greg´s first autopsy

Greg flirts with the new lab tech Mia all the time, she blows him off every time

Greg and Hodges argue about this and that

Greg passes his final proficiency and becomes a CSI level 1

Sara invites him to celebrate after shift, he doesn´t respond

Greg straigthens his hair

Greg has his first interview with a suspect

Greg has to handle the case of a badly burnt victim, who is still alive and he has tears in his eyes

Greg and Sara take a shower together

Greg checks his biceps while looking into the mirror

6. Season

Greg gets liquidized human flesh in his mouth.

Greg´s clashes with Hodges

Greg imagined himself to be like Raymond Chandler

7. Season

Due the fact that he is saving a man´s life, Greg gets beaten badly by a gang and requires hospitalization.

On his day in court Greg behaves like a man.

Greg confronts the James family whose son and brother he has killed by accident.

Greg gets bitten by a suspect because he turns into a reptile in her imagination.

8. Season

Greg Sanders meets Jack Malone (Without a Trace)

9. Season

Greg stands close by when a small explosive goes off.

10. Season

Catherine sends Greg to the murder of some scumbag in a motel. Greg is angry because he thinks she could have send Ray to do this.
But Greg is a professional and treats the scumbag with the same respect as a starlet.

A hilarious "we are talking in code" conversation between Greg and Hodges.

Greg is bowling.

Greg and friends - lost in the middle of nowhere.

Greg and Sara discuss her marriage to Grissom.

Greg goes undercover.

11. Season

The new hair cut mystery.

Greg will take out Hodges on a men-date.

Greg becomes the master of Science & History.

12. Season

Greg meets Morgan.

Greg freaks out because Morgan is in danger.

A suspect thinks Greg and Sara are a couple.

Greg & Hodges & Sexual Healing

D.B. says Greg is the man, the best mind in DNA.

Greg mentions Grissom.

13. Season

Greg is the grown-up in a quarrel between Nick and Sara.

Greg senses the awkwardness between Morgan and Hodges but doesn´t know that they have kissed.

Greg gets slapped by a transvestite.

Greg and Morgan could be kissing cousins because they are both of Norwegian descent.

Greg captures a killer all by himself.

14. Season

Greg and Sara share a moment remembering the time when Greg danced with a showgirl´s headdress (evidence) through the lab. S1E15

Greg hides evidence from the FBI. Greg mentions Grissom´s name. Greg points out that Hodges is the one who can fly under the radar of the FBI and find something.
This is similar to the moment in S4E2 when Grissom sent Greg on his infamous "Soda Bottle Trip". Later Greg and Hodges meet in secret to share results.
Greg = Grissom. Hodges = Greg. *grin*

Greg and Sara agree to play a game of chess.

15. Season

Greg and Sara are put under quarantine because they were exposed to a deadly virus and could be infected.

Sara collapses and is unconscious. Greg screams her name.

Greg and Sara are cleared and can go home. They hug dearly. AW!

Greg turns his back on a female victim who is scared to death. She knocks him down and points a gun at him. Finlay shoots the woman dead to save Greg. Greg feels guilty that he couldn´t save the victim.

A witness calls Greg "Mr. Vanilla" and "Nordic Terminator." Greg is not amused. Nick calls him "Columbo" because he was outed as a police man after five seconds.

Sara talks to Greg about the tragedy of her past. Her mom killed her dad.

Gregs finds the seriously injured Finlay. She´s not breathing. Greg applies CPR on her.

Greg Sanders