Viva Las Vegas

  • Gregīs appearance: Fantastic

  • 14 Scenes: With everyone

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S, G/N,

  • What we learn about him:
    Sometimes he doesnīt think.
    He likes beer. Heīs a little
  • Misc.: Heīs talking about
    one-night stands like he
    knows them from experience.

First Scene:
Greg introduces his replacement in the lab - Chandra Moore - to Nick.

Second Scene:
Greg introduces Chandra to Sara and asks Sara about her vacation.

Third Scene:
Greg introduces Chandra to Warrick.

Fourth Scene:
Greg introduces Chandra to Grissom. Catherine bursts in, complaining about the size of her office and he introduces Chandra to her as well. Grissom hands the assignments to Catherine,Warrick, Nick and Sara. Greg is going to work with Grissom. It will be his final proficiency. Greg leads Chandra out of the office to show her to her workplace. Grissom talks to Sara, who stayed behind. Then there's a loud crash from the DNA lab. Glass breaks. Sara and Grissom look back at the lab and Greg looks sheepishly back at them through the glass wall. He points back at the mess.

Fifth Scene:
Grissom and Greg walk into the club, meeting Brass and David. David reports to Grissom. Greg looks around the club and makes a remark about one-night stands. Grissom orders him to work the scene. Greg does and comes to the conclusion the gun is maybe still here. Grissom turns and heads for the door. Greg is surprised that Grissom leaves him alone at the Crime Scene.

Sixth Scene:
Greg is looking around the bar. He works from the back and makes his way forward. Greg stands on the outside of the railing. He sees something inside the light container. He reaches inside and pulls out the gun. He opens the cartridge.

Seventh Scene:
Grissom is working on the Polaroid, digitized and in the computer. He grids the photo on the monitor. Greg walks into the lab and shows him the gun he had found at the Crime Scene. He says Bobby Dawson has confirmed that this is indeed the murder weapon. Greg hands the gun in the plastic bag to Grissom. Grissom sees something on the gun. He asks Greg about it. Greg leans in to look at the blue stuff. He doesn't answer Grissom. Grissom says, "It's okay to say you don't know, Greg. That's why we have a trace lab." Grissom hands the gun back to Greg. Greg takes the gun and leaves the lab.

Eighth Scene:
Brass kicks the door in. The officer stands next to him; both their guns are up and out. Grissom is behind them. They have a warrant. Brass sends the officer to go round the back. He turns and leaves. Brass and Grissom step into the house and look around. Suddenly there's a loud clatter coming from the front door. Grissom and Brass turn. Greg sheepishly stands upright after tripping in the doorway. Brass and Grissom continue on through the house. Greg follows from behind. Brass walks into the next room and finds the body on the floor. Brass steps further into the room. Grissom walks over to the body. He notices the cord tied around the dead body's neck. The same kind of wire was found in the first victim's car. Greg points to the framed photo on the shelf. He recognizes the guy in the picture, Manny the club owner. Greg tells his theory: "Our first victim strangled this guy with wire, photographs it, takes it to the club, burns it for some reason, and then takes one between the eyes himself." Brass concludes, "So you're saying our first victim was a hired killer. Hired by whom?" Greg suggests, "Whoever shot him?" Brass considers it. Grissom turns to look at Greg and Brass.

Ninth Scene:
Chandra Moore is in the DNA lab working. Grissom and Greg are both watching her. Grissom turns to Greg, asking, "So, you like her?" Greg answers, "I like not being her anymore." Hodges joins them, giving them the results about the sticky substance in the slide of the gun. Itīs tape adhesive. The blue coloring is basic bathroom disinfectant. Greg can tell Grissom that the toilets in the club have blue water, but not because he inspected the toilet bowls for evidence but because he had used the toilets himself. Grissom is angry and lectures him about how to clear a crime scene and then he walks away. Hodges is delighted by Gregīs dressing-down and he likes Chandra.

Tenth Scene:
Grissom and Greg are in the bathroom stall. Greg closes the toilet cover and removes the toilet lid. They find duct tape. Greg grabs his kit and opens it. Greg removes the duct tape from the toilet. "So what are you gonna do now?" Grissom asks. "Check for prints," Greg answers.

Eleventh Scene:
Greg works on the duct tape in the lab. He looks for a print. He finds a print.

Twelfth Scene
Grissom and Brass question Crystal. Greg stands nearby.

Thirteenth Scene:
Grissom reviews Greg's file. He tells Greg, he committed a fatal error and compromised evidence at a crime scene. A judgment like that can cost a conviction. In order to go solo in the field, he has to successfully complete three proficiencies. He gives the file back to Greg. Greg realizes he failed this one. He stands up, sighs and heads for the door. Grissom takes his glasses off. "But..."
Greg stops and turns around.
"...since you found a suitable replacement in the lab, I'm going to give you one more chance," Grissom grants. Greg says "Thank you. Thank you," and leaves. Grissom watches him go.

Fourteenth Scene:
Greg walks through the hallway. He hears some glass smash and Chandra's frustrated growl. He looks up and sees Chandra step out of the lab. He asks, "Hey, Chandra, how was your first day?" She tells him she canīt do this. She takes her coat off. Nick and Warrick peer out of the lab and watch. Chandra gives Greg her lab coat. Chandra turns and leaves. From the lab doorway, Warrick holds out a bill. Nick takes it. Greg glances over at the two of them. Warrick shrugs at him. Greg nods knowingly and looks down.

Best Dialog:
Grissom: "So, you like her (Chandra)?"
Greg: "I like not being her anymore."
Hodges: "The sticky substance in the slide of your gun is tape adhesive. What about the blue coloring? Chloromide M.E.A., Sodium lauryl sulfate, pine oil. Components of your basic bathroom disinfectant."
Grissom: "So, Greg, how do you explain adhesive and toilet bowl cleanser on the gun?"
Greg: "I don't know. I can tell you the toilets in the club had blue water."
Grissom: "You inspected the toilet bowls for evidence?"
Greg: "Well, when you got to go, you got to go."
Hodges: "Whew."
Grissom: "At a crime scene, Greg?"
Hodges: "Everybody knows you hold it."
Grissom: "You go across the street or next-door, somewhere other than the scene, until you've cleared the restroom. Did you clear the restroom?"
Greg: "No."
Grissom: "Well, you could've flushed away evidence, wiped away fingerprints from the handle. Make sure you include this in your field notes."
Grissom walks away. Hodges turns and looks at Greg.
Hodges: "I like Chandra. She's cute."

My Comment:
I loooooove this episode. Sheīs filled with Greg, sheīs filled with my favorite ship and sheīs filled with SLASH. Itīs a perfect start of Season 5. One of my dreams came true.

G/G: Lots and lots of fun with my favorite shipper pair.
Grissom calls Chandra "hot" and Greg isnīt happy about it. Fact is Grissom isnīt interested at all in Chandra. Why not? Sheīs a good-looking woman.
Grissom asks Greg if he already took Chandraīs blood. That reminds me of Grissom who took Holly Gribbsī blood in the "Pilot". Is it Gregīs duty now to take the blood?
Greg likes it to work with Grissom; he finds it Great.
I couldnīt catch who crashes the glass in the DNA lab while Grissom and Sara are talking. Greg points at the mess but was it him or Chandra? In the case it was Greg it could have been on purpose, because heīs jealous that Grissom talks to Sara. If he did it by accident or clumsiness, it could be out of his nervousness, because heīs jealous. Because of Grissom or Sara? CHOOSE YOURSELF.
Greg is crazy enough to talk to Grissom about one-night stands. At the Crime Scene! TO HIS BOSS! What is this boy thinking??? I donīt know about you but I canīt talk to my boss about sex ever. And my boss is a she. One explanation for Gregīs boldness is that Grissom isnīt only his boss but also his lover. Well, in that case....Grissomīs expression to Gregīs remark is by all means priceless. He doesnīt get Greg. Greg confuses him again and again. I like them so much together.
It surprises me that Grissom leaves Greg alone to work the Crime Scene. Is this really the usual thing to do with a CSI trainee? Does Grissom trust Greg that much? Or did he test Gregīs skills? I donīt know.
Proudly, Greg comes to Grissom to present him the murder weapon and leaves pissed because Grissom doesnīt praise him, oh no. Grissom asks something about the blue stuff on the gun and Greg doesnīt know the answer. "It's okay to say you don't know, Greg. That's why we have a trace lab." Oh well! Itīs obvious again Greg doesnīt like it when he doesnīt know something. Heīs so like Grissom.
In the following scene, he trips over the doorstep. Oh my God! Is he that clumsy (I donīt judge, Iīm clumsy myself) or that nervous? Next he has a theory about the murder and tells it to Grissom and Brass, who donīt find it impossible. Grissom looks at him and Greg gives a half-smile. Oh dear, it looks like he even tries to smile like Grissom now. It looks like "Am I right, boss? - Say so, please."
Everything could be just perfect for our Greggo but then it happens. He blew it with his confession that he had used the toilet at the Crime Scene and didnīt inspect the toilet bowls for evidence or clear the restroom. Grissom is really angry. He even raises his voice and lectures Greg quite a bit. We donīt see that a lot. Hodges, who is witness to this, is delighted about Gregīs failure. Greg is devastated. My poor boy. Surprisingly, Grissom is very nice to Greg when they search the toilets and find the duct tape.
The end: HEARTBREAKING. Grissom tells Greg that he failed his proficiency. Gregīs expression is very serious. Iīve never seen him like this before. Heīs really sad. Then he starts to leave. Look at him. Slouchy, he walks out. And Grissom? He canīt stand his Greggo so sad. He goes soft. He calls him back and gives him one more chance. Isnīt that sweet? The worst thing about it is: Greg stays sad. He wanted to be good and he messed up. SOB!

Result: Greg stays the masterīs grasshopper. Now and forever.

G/S: Greg is asking her about how her vacation was. Heīs still interested in her I think. She lies, "It was great." Greg is maybe jealous about her and Grissom talking. s.a. G/G

G/N: Nick is not interested in Chandra at all. Again I have to ask why. She is a good-looking woman. Also, Nick is betting against Gregīs replacement Chandra. Doesnīt he want Greg out in the field? Whyīs that?

G/W: Well, I have to say, Iīm not a Greg/Warrick shipper. Warrick is so straight. For example, he is interested in Chandra. Heīs betting for Chandra and loses. But, I noticed Greg isnīt happy about Warrickīs interest in Chandra. He drags Chandra away from Warrick. Greg is not so straight. Maybe he wants Warrick.

The icing on the cake:
Brass: "Hey, Gil. Wait. You've got something stuck to your shoe. Oh, no, it's just Sanders." Oh dear God! I love Brass and his comments. What does he know?

Chandra: "They all want ... they all want you, and I can't be you." Yeah. The only thing Chandra is right about. We want Greg. In the lab, in the field, in bed...*giggles*...with Grissom. SIGH.