Weeping Willows

  • Gregīs appearance: Patient

  • 2 Scenes: With Catherine
    and Sara

  • Shippyness: G/S, G/C

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:
  • His hair is flat.

First Scene:
Catherine steps into the hallway. Greg catches up with her and tells her the results about the bullet which was found.

Second Scene:
Though the reflection of the mirror in her compact, Catherine fixes her make-up. In the background, we see Greg in the doorway. He came to tell Catherine that her suspect Jeff Simon just got released from custody, because his alibi checked out. Sara joins them. She stands next to Greg outside Catherine's office and brings them news about a phone number.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "Yo."
Catherine: "Oh. What do you have for me?"
Greg: "Bullet is a .25 auto caliber Winchester full metal jacket. You can't shoot .25s from a .22 caliber pistol."
Catherine: "I know."
Greg: "Which means the semi-automatic you found in Alice Granger's car isn't the murder weapon."
Catherine: "I know."
Greg: "Okay, well, did you know that the gun is registered to a Douglas Granger?"

My Comment:
The two scenes with Greg are not very interesting. Catherine snaps at him but he stays the nice boy. Sara even slightly pushes him aside but he just moves over. Well. Not much you have to see again and again. I donīt like his hair this way at all.

The Grissom - Hodges scene on the other hand is absolutely fabulous. Thatīs it what I miss between Grissom - Greg at the moment.

Catherine: "I went out after work. Is it a crime to want a little human contact?"
Grissom: "I guess that's why I don't go out."
Dear God! Grissom is nuts. I agree with Catherine. She just went out after work. She didnīt do anything wrong. It wasnīt her fault. Grissom is way beyond a super-geek. Thatīs why he will be never in a relationship with anyone. You canīt live with a man like him. Itīs quite impossible.

Starring Greg