Who is Greg Sanders?

Love life

  • was booming in his senior year
  • flirts around a lot
  • crush on Sara Sidle
  • crush on Morgan Brody

  • played by
    Eric Szmanda

The man

  • is an only child
  • is aka Liam
  • is a Chemist
  • was a former CSI Lab technican
  • is now a CSI Level 1
  • works at the CSI Lab Las Vegas
  • wears bright shirts
  • has crazy haircuts
  • is quite a chatter-box
  • likes: gossip, blue hawaiian coffee,
    a rack of lamb, Merlot, beer, ice cream, liquid latex, riddles, traveling,
    the Spanish language, liver and onions, to be a male, shrimps salad, partying
  • reads "Teen", "Sand & Surf",
    "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe, Forensic journals
  • is a huge fan of music
    (Marilyn Manson, Black Flag)
  • is curious about everything
  • has a coin collection
  • is very ambitious
  • is a bad speller
  • is a sucker for expensive cars
  • open-minded
  • bleaches his hair
  • is a member in a gym club
  • does competitive kickboxing
  • has an expertise in the occult
  • was an Eagle Scout
  • wore Doc Martens (work boots)
    in High school
  • weighs 150 pounds
  • knows about Chinese characters
  • drives a VW Passat
  • grew practically up on ‘The X-Files’
  • has no allergies
  • used to be Goth to dug chicks
  • knows about vampires
  • worries about identity theft
  • watches Norwegian youtube

His story

  • Ancestors: Norwegian
  • was Captain of the chessclub at highschool
  • lived once in N.Y.
  • worked two semesters in San Francisco
  • studied in Stanford
  • graduated from the University of Berkley/California
  • paternal grandfather is apparently still alive
  • Name: Papa Olaf Hojem 8th
  • Mother's maiden name is Hojem
  • Greg = short form of Gregers/Norwegian = Gregory
  • wanted to be a CSI and became one
  • His dad was used to take him sailing when he was a kid.
  • The family thinks that he might have inherited the sixth sense of his grandmother, Nana Olaf.
  • He grew up watching action blockbusters -car chases, ninjas, cyborg death machines.
  • His mom didn´t allow him to play any sports in high school.
  • writes a book about the history of Las Vegas
  • a long line of Sanders men were hunters
  • He has a Norwegian cousin
  • the name Sanders is americanized from Sanderson
  • Greg´s great great grandfather was one of the leaders of the uprising against the Swedish rule of Norway in 1814.
  • His great uncle was named Auric Hojem, one of the richest men in the 19th century.
    He had the nickname cake-eater.
  • He never liked Mathe in school but now he studies it for his criminalistics certification.
  • He wrote a book about the history of the mob in Las Vegas: Sin City Secrets.
  • get hooked on genealogy
  • he keeps the history of Las Vegas on his ipod
  • doesn´t like to remember his time in highschool
  • He was a real chess stud but he gave it up because it turned into an obsession and stopped being fun
  • paternal? grandmother/Nana Olaf? is still alive
Greg Sanders