Who is Lt. Colonel John Sheppard?

Love life

  • single
  • likes to flirt
  • crush on Chaya
    - An ancient
  • actually non-existent

played by
Joe Flanigan

The man

  • soldier in the military
  • present rank: Lt. Colonel
  • former rank: Major
  • pilot
  • smart - but conceals it
  • loves to fly
  • funny
  • naturally lazy
  • lies if he has to
  • likes:
    straight lines, football, beer, turkey sandwiches,
    to win, to be praised, to be the best, everything that goes over 200 m/h, ferry wheels, surfing, "Back to the Future", "Star Wars",
    numbers, Johnny Cash,
    golf, skating, Sudoku,
    movies, turtle soup, lollies, spearmint gum
  • reads! "war and peace"
  • no kids
  • not easy to surprise
  • a gentleman
  • possesses the ancient gene
  • wears blue-white shorts
  • nickname: "Shep"
  • doesn´t like:
    to walk and run,
    to be lectured
  • not very religious; but knows about Kwanzaa
  • is always up late
  • falls for innocent looking
  • hates: Bugs! Queens!
  • his wisdom teeth are out
  • his childhood hero was
    Evel Knievel
  • he saw "The Abyss",
    "Alien", "The Princess
    Bride", "Nightmare on
    Elm Street"
  • knows the comic book
    "The Fantastic Four"
  • got a friend from college: she's a cop and has three kids.

His story

  • has a bad record because he defied a direct order
  • passed the Mensa test
  • had seen a nuclear explosion - but not very close
  • in the last eleven months his home was a research base in the Antarctis
  • sees Atlantis as his "Home"
  • is not close to his family
  • as an officer he has to have a college degree
  • recently promoted to Lt. Colonel
  • as a kid he started his first encyclopaedia with the letter S
  • fought in Afghanistan
  • was once married to Nancy and not very good at it
  • his father Patrick died recently - heart attack - he was pretty well connected
  • he has a brother: Dave
  • was raised in more than one house
  • was going to Stanford instead of Harvard
  • had once a disagreement with his father and left home - never returned until his father was dead - his father regretted what had happened between them up to the end
  • was trying to rescue a field medic trapped behind enemy lines, was shot down, and the crash killed four American soldiers along with eight civilians
  • plays golf since he was six years old
  • his friends in Atlantis are his family, foremost Elizabeth Weir and Rodney McKay