Who is Castiel?

Angel of the Lord An Angel of the Lord

Angel Of Thursday, new changes, travel, and solitude, a peculiar thing

A Seraph (The highest rank in the Christian angelic hierarchy)

Vessel: Jimmy Novak

Nickname: Clarence,
Top-of-the-Christmas-tree Angel

Personality: rebellious, affectionate, proud, naive, lonely, sly, stronger than he thinks, ambitious, more dangerous than some of his rivals think

played by
Misha Collins

Love life: He is in love with Dean Winchester. He shared two kisses with the demon Meg. Married to Daphne. Boyfriend of Meg. Lost his virginity to April Kelly, a reaper who abused him. He has a weakness for bad girls. In the end, he declares his love for Dean, and then goes to the Empty, where Meg already is.

Peculiarity: He was killed five times. First by Raphael the archangel. Second by Lucifer. Third by the Leviathans. Fourth by April Kelly, the reaper. Fifth by Lucifer again. He was resurrected every time. The sixth time he sacrificed himself, being consumed by the Empty, to save his family. Is resurected by Jack again and builds a new heaven with his adopted son. His mind is composed of colors.

Many angels laid siege to Hell to rescue Dean, but it was Castiel who ultimately saved Dean.
According to Castiel, he did so "because God commanded it". His handprint was burnt into Dean's left shoulder.
It is later revealed that he was the one who raised Sam from Lucifer's Cage.
He died twice (1. Archangel Raphael/2. Lucifer) but was brought back by God.
Fought against anarchy in Heaven by beginning a civil war to prevent Raphael from restarting the Apocalypse.
Kissed a demon. Worked with the King of Hell Crowley. Killed his Lieutenant Rachel. Killed his brother Balthazar.
After taking in the souls of Purgatory, Castiel killed Raphael. With the souls, he no longer is affected by an Angel Sword;
he claims that he is no longer an angel, but the new "God".
He sets about smiting his enemies, but he cannot keep the Purgatory creatures inside him at bay, and begins to deteriorate. He goes to Sam, Dean, and Bobby, who with help from Death rework the ritual to open Purgatory. The souls leave Castiel, and he collapses. One (or some) of the creatures inside him (Leviathans) who managed to hold on takes over his body and declares that 'Cas' is dead.
Months later Castiel is found wandering naked in the woods, with no memory of who he is, by Daphne Allen, who claims that God led her to him. She takes him home, he takes on the name Emmanuel Allen, and they marry. He discovers he has a gift for healing. While searching for a way to help Sam, whose psychosis is killing him, Dean hears about Emmanuel from another hunter, and is shocked to discover it is Castiel.
Castiel eventually regains his memories, and is horrified at what he did. He tries to heal Sam, but unable to do so, he chooses to take Sam's madness into his own mind.
One day Castiel awakens in the mental hospital. Meg is there, and calls the brothers the next morning to let them know what has happened, saying that Castiel is "different". Castiel attempts to joke with them, and seems unbalanced. He tells the brothers that the tablet they have recovered was written by Metatron, and that he cannot read it, as it was not meant for angels. Hester and Inias, two angels arrive for the prophet Kevin Tran and are shocked to see Castiel alive.
Castiel, Dean, Sam and Meg settle at Rufus's Cabin but Meg´s killing of two demons alerts the angels to their location. Inias and Hester appear, and Hester beats Castiel, then pulls out her blade to kill him, but is stabbed from behind by Meg. Inias invites Castiel to rejoin them in their garrison, but Castiel declines, saying he is no longer part of it. Sam and Dean read through Kevin's translation, and discover that as part of the weapon against Leviathans, they need the blood of a fallen angel. Castiel holds out a glass vial with his blood.
Castiel continues to refuse to help the Winchester fighting Dick and the other leviathans. Crowley finds out that he's still alive and promises to deal with him later. Dean asks Castiel, who still insists he cannot really help, to teleport him to where the impala is stored, which they will use as a distraction when going after Dick. Dean forgives Castiel and he agrees to go with him and Sam after all. Castiel can tell which of the many leviathans posing as Dick the original is. They find him in a lab and Cas goes after him. Dick tosses him aside and Dean stabs him with the bone. The first bone was a fake to throw Dick off. He finally explodes, taking Dean and Castiel with him to purgatory. Dean asks if they can escape, but Castiel replies that they're more likely to be killed instead. He then teleports away, leaving Dean surrounded by souls of monsters.
Dean interrogate a monster with information on Castiel's location in Purgatory and finds Cas by a stream, disheveled and unshaven and apparently sane again. Dean embraces him, but Castiel is not happy to have been found by Dean. Benny accuses Castiel of abandoning Dean, and Dean insists that Castiel must have been attacked. Castiel admits that he ran away. Leviathans have been hunting him, there is a bounty on him, and he hoped to keep them away from Dean. Dean tells him that Benny knows of a way to leave, and Dean wants him to go with them, but Castiel believes it is too dangerous. The worst of the monsters will follow him. Dean pleads with him, insisting that he will not leave without Cas. The angel relents, and goes with them. Later Dean remembers Castiel on the ground reaching out, and calling for Dean's help. Dean tries to hold onto him, but loses his grip.
It is revealed that in being in Purgatory restored Castiel's sanity and that while he helped Dean escape, he remained out of his own free will as he chose to stay in Purgatory as his penance for his sins. However, angels led by Naomi rescued him and Castiel is now free again, in a somewhat weakened state and under orders that he is unaware of to aid the Winchesters and report into Naomi periodically.
Shortly, Castiel goes hunting with Sam and Dean. He doesn´t want to return to Heaven because he killed thousands of his own kind. Castiel fears that if he goes back to Heaven and sees the devastation he has wrought, he will kill himself. In the end, Castiel realizes that running away is no solution, and he wants to go back, but Naomi refuses his return. He can do whatever he wants to do. For the first time he considers that option carefully.
As his penance, Castiel has turned back on his "angel radio" and is now helping people in need. Castiel is summoned by Naomi to Heaven where she reveals that she has gotten a distress call from Samandiriel. With the help of Sam and Dean Castiel frees his angel brother. The sounds of the torture trigger a flashback where Castiel remembers Naomi having him tied down to a chair and approaching his eye with an unknown instrument while he screams. Naomi orders Castiel to kill Samandiriel and Castiel stabs him with the angel sword. Castiel is horrified that he murdered another angel, but Naomi explains that the angel tablet's existence is a secret any angel would die to protect.
On Naomi´s order Castiel has to kill thousands of copies of Dean to train for the real thing. Naomi sends Castiel to locate the angel tablet to stop Crowley from getting his hands on it. His killing of the demons draws Sam and Dean's attention. Castiel tortures a demon for information, and when the demon was about to reveal the truth to Sam and Dean, he kills the demon on Naomi's command. Castiel, Dean and Sam discover that Meg is the hostage the demons used for information about the location of Lucifer's crypts. Meg explains to them that Crowley and his demons are actually looking for the angel tablet, much to the shock of Sam and Dean, since they thought they Crowley was searching for a device. With the help of Meg, they discover the crypt holding the angel tablet. Dean and Castiel go ahead to retrieve it while Meg and Sam stay behind and keep watch on any demons coming through. After Dean removes the angel tablet from the box, Castiel asks Dean to hand it over so he can return it to Heaven but Dean, being suspicious of Castiel for a while, tries to manipulate his way out of it. Castiel, while under the control of Naomi, is forced to attack Dean and after a brutal bashing, Castiel regains control of himself again and apologizes to Dean. Castiel tells Dean that he must protect the tablet from Naomi, Crowley and even Dean himself. Castiel is later seen on a bus with the angel tablet heading to an unknown location.
Eventually the angels catch him. Naomi reveals that Castiel has been forced to do many horrible things in his lifetime, but was never very good at following orders and his memory was always erased of it. Crowley appears and figures that Castiel has hidden the table inside himself and painfully removes it by digging into Castiel's stomach wound. Left with the angels Castiel escapes. He flees to the Winchesters and lives with them in their bunker. Tricked by Metatron he agrees to kill a Nephilim and cuts the bow out of the hand of a cupid. Naomi reveals that Metatron really plans to expel all angels from Heaven as revenge for his own exile. Castiel refuses to believe her and returns to Heaven to find out the truth for himself. Metatron takes Castiel's grace, turns him human, and sends him back to Earth. There Castiel is forced to watch as all the angels fall from Heaven to Earth.
Now human, Castiel makes his way in Colorado, still able to hear angel radio. He meets the angel Hael who is looking for guidance. After a phone conversation with Dean he tells her to go without him and she knocks him out and kidnaps him. She plans to possess Castiel and threatens to tell the other angels his location and he is forced to kill her with her own angel sword. Castiel visits a laundry mat and goes to clean his bloodstained trench coat and clothes, but realizes that he is hungry and thirsty. With not enough money to do both, Castiel abandons his clothes, including his trench coat, steals new ones and buys water, which he drinks thirstily, from a vending machine. He makes his way towards the Bunker, stays at a homeless shelter and is trying to get a handle on being human and has taken on the name "Clarence" as an alias, the name Meg always called him. He also decides to get an Enochian tattoo that can ward him from being sensed by angels. He meets the waitress April Kelly who takes him home and they have sex. She turns out to be a rouge reaper who is hunting him for the angels. She tortures him with his own angel sword. Sam and Dean burst in and April stabs Castiel with the angel sword, killing him. After Dean kills April, Ezekiel takes control of Sam and resurrects Castiel, healing all the damage April did to him. Ezekiel tells Dean that Castiel must leave or he must due to how dangerous it is to be around Castiel with angels chasing him. Dean orders Castiel to leave the bunker as Ezekiel leaving would mean death for Sam.
He works as a Sales Associate at a Gas-N-Sip now but has no home of his own. His alias is "Steve".
He is captured by Malachi and his ally Theo. They torture him for information about Metatron, but when Malachi leaves, Castiel is able to trick Theo into releasing him, allowing him to steal Theo's grace and restore at least some of his powers. His wings are still broken and he cannot teleport.
With the help of Crowley Castiel and Dean free Sam from the possession of Gadreel. Castiel helps and heals Sam.
Castiel is captured by Bartholomew. His former friend and subordinate asks him to join his faction. Castiel refuses. Bartholomew challenges Castiel to fight him. Castiel refuses to fight but Bartholomew gives him no choice. Castiel kills him. In the process Castiel draws a few angel followers. After a long struggle he decides to become the leader of the resistance. Castiel destroys the Angel tablet and fools Metatron.
Having no home Castiel exists on stolen grace and helps Dean to fight the influence of the Mark of Cain. Castiel breaks Metatron out of prison to help him find his grace. Metatron tricks Castiel and escapes but Castiel gets his grace back, though his wings are still broken.
With the help of Crowley Castiel manages to help Dean to get rid of the Mark of Cain.
Castiel says "yes" to Lucifer, meaning Lucifer possesses Castiel´s vessel, because the archangel appears to be the only one who can beat the Darkness, God's sister, who is about to destroy the world. During the final attack on Amara, Amara pulls Lucifer from Castiel's body. The group reconvenes at the bunker and comes up with another plan to destroy Amara. Dean leaves the group to fulfill the plan. Believing Dean to have died, Sam and Castiel return to the bunker, where he is blasted out of the bunker by an angel banishing sigil. Returning to the bunker he is introduced to the newly resurrected Mary Winchester. Castiel says that Lucifer being free is his fault, and it is his duty, and his alone to fix it. Searching for Lucifer he teams up with Crowley and Rowena. But even teamed up with his friends and enemies Castiel can't prevent that Lucifer's son is born and Castiel is killed by Lucifer. Sam and Dean have a funeral pyre for Castiel.
Apparently due to the powers of Jack, Lucifer's son, Castiel is revived. He and the Winchesters take care of Jack, and his unknown powers. In the end, though, he sacrifices his life, to save Jack, and the Winchesters, going to the Empty where all angels and demons go when they die. Is resurected by Jack again and builds a new heaven with his adopted son.


Things he had learned in the human world:

Quotes about him:


"Mr. Trickster does not like pretty boy angels."

"You are a peculiar thing."

"He´s tough for a little nerdy dude with wings."

"Mr. Comatose."

"Son of a bitch!"

"Freaking Angel."

"Without your power you´re basically just a baby in a trenchcoat."

"A superman who´s going dark side."

"A whore."

"Angel of Thursday."

"God´s favorite buddy boy. You´ve got what they call sex appeal."

"My fine-feathered friend."

"The new God."

"Freaking child."


"Huggy Bear."

"Trench Coat. Looks like Columbo. Talks like Rain Man."


"Always a terrible liar."

"A junkless sissy."

"Young and sexy."

"A mutated angel."

"Stupid little angel."

"You child."

"Dumb son of a bitch."

"Poor dead Castiel."

"Harmless little amnesia Cas."

"When Castiel first laid a hand on you in Hell, he was lost!"

"A ball of wet fur."


"Fruit Loops."

"Hot Wings."

"A magnet."

"Mad man."



"You are so pretty, Charles."

"You´re quite the bounder."


"Invisible girlfriend."

"My unicorn."

"Original make and model or crazy town?"

"All manner of hot."

"Helpful...and dreamy."

"The famous spanner in the works."

"A pip."

"A free thinker."

"Cute and funny."

"A warrior."


"A mad man."

"Not exactly chatty Katie."


"A legend."

"A dupe."

"The great Castiel. Valued and trusted Castiel. Top-of-the-Christmas-tree Castiel."

"A pimp."

"Boy wonder."


"Human Castiel."

"Feathered Castiel."

"Captain Sexy."

"Slow boat."

"The new boss and the ultimate rebel."

"A penitent."

"Captain side eyes."


"Boy toy."



"Old bean."

"Inspector Gregory."

"The only one with any spunk."

"Fine, feathered friend."

"A weird, dorky, little guy."

"A Rock Star."

"He´s like a mentally deficient puppy."

"He ain´t big. Trench coat. Sensible shoes."


"Dead Man Walking."



"A crappy, super stuck-up dick."

"Nicer, kind of a doof."

"This monster."

"Pet Angel."

"A fish who wants to fly or a dog that thinks he´s people."



"That idiot angel."

"A bit of a nancy."


"Uh...the other one."

"Always seems a little bit off."

"This grim face of angelic constipation."

"One of heaven´s most wanted."

"That idiot."

"My very own Jiminy Cricket."

"Angel. With a capital 'A'. You know, wings, harp."



"A third-tier agent."

"A weak, duty-bound, pleasureless dullard."


"A spanner in the works."

"An angel´s angel."


"Choir boy."

"A busted-up angel."

"Purse dog."

"Sad, fluttering, aimless, little mop."

"The Winchester's love slave."


"Smart guy."



"A dude that just came back from the dead."

"Little lap angel."


"A talking dog."

"The handsome angel - Tweetie Pie."

"Old sport."

"The other one."


"He's A.V. Club."

"An abomination."

"Busted-ass friend in the trenchcoat."

"The self-hating angel of Thursday."

"One off the line with a crack in his chassis."