You Kill Me

  • Greg´s appearance: Random

  • 4 Scenes: with Grissom
    and Dr. Robbins

  • Shippyness: G/G

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Wendy is on the table. David is standing over her when Greg ducks under the tape and walks in. David whispers something into Greg´s ear then leaves with the gurney and Wendy’s body. Greg looks around the room. He takes a photo of the blood on the table. He looks at the mess on the floor. Greg picks up Wendy’s shoe and notices the sheen under the shoe. He also notices the oily residue on the ladder. Greg is busy erasing the OSHA sign: THIS DEPARTMENT HAS WORKED 1659 DAYS WITHOUT A LOST TIME ACCIDENT. He erases the 1659 and replaces it with: 0. Greg caps the pen then notices the bristles in the oil.

Second Scene:
Wendy is on the table. Robbins points to the slit in her throat as he explains his findings to Greg. Greg grabs the case file. He opens it and looks at the photo of Wendy’s hand. He compares it to her hand. Greg grabs an evidence bag with the silver bracelet inside. He compares it to the markings on Wendy’s wrist.

Third Scene:
Greg is back in the evidence locker. He’s standing up on the ladder and looks at cut wiring from the nearby box. He follows the wiring to the vent. Inside the vent, he finds a battery. The cut wire is attached to the battery. Down below, Greg sees the wire attached to the evidence box. He picks up the evidence box.

Fourth Scene:
Greg walks through the hallway. As he heads out, he passes Grissom. They share a few words. Grissom turns and looks back at Greg.

Best Dialogs:
David: "No sign of sexual trauma."
Greg: "No kidding."

Grissom: "Night, Greg."
Greg: "Yeah, whatever."

My Comment:
This is one of the funniest episodes ever. This is David Hodges´ hour all over. We love him. He is evil. He is mad. He is hilarious. He is the one who succeeds in comforting Grissom just a little - where everybody else fails. He flirts with Wendy and wants to impress her. He gets rejected.

Greg and Grissom. Their very brief moment was the cheery on the cake for me. Everybody wants to comfort Grissom. Not Greg. He isn´t in the mood. Why? Is he angry at Grissom because Sara left? Is he jealous because Grissom loves Sara and not him? Is the master´s grasshopper fed up with his job as well?


Wendy: "I'm just Mindy Big Boobs to you, and I...You are the dumbest smart guy I know."
Hodges: "You think I'm smart?"

Grissom: "What are you doing?"
Hodges: "Oh, uh...I was...uh...just trying to...develop a board game – based on this place, but not in any legally actionable sense. You get evidence, scenarios, analysis. Try to solve diabolical murders."
Grissom: "I like games."
Hodges: "Really?"
Grissom: "Yeah."
Hodges: "Okay. Let's play."

Grissom: "Your speech in front of your computer, and you take a bullet to the head."
Hodges: "No witnesses. Nobody heard the shot, and the killer is somebody in the lab."
Grissom: "Am I eligible?"
Hodges: "In this scenario, no."

David: "No sign of sexual trauma." THE RUNNING GAG!!!

Catherine: "Trace. Is there anything you can't do?"

Hodges: "Hey, Sanders left the lab, he got his ass kicked. I'm just saying."

Brass: "...for trace analysis. Hmm. Hodges, who is a genius and tragically underpaid, used the powers of his brilliant mind and the scientific method to discover that the oil that was brushed on the ladder – "

Hodges is on the autopsy table. David bounces on his feet with anticipation. Robbins sighs with annoyance.
Robbins: "Get it out of your system!"
David: "No sign of sexual trauma."
Robbins: "Out! Now!"

Hodges’ recording plays on the monitor. Grissom’s reflection is on the monitor glass – Grissom is not alone. Wendy, Archie, Mandy, David and Henry gather around him to watch the snuff film. Wendy even brought a large tub of popcorn. On the monitor, Hodges smiles and sits up straight. BANG!! Everyone bursts out laughing. ON MONITOR – Hodges rolls off the chair and falls to the floor with a thud.
Wendy: "Do it again!"
Archie: "Do it again!"
David: "One more time. One more time."
Grissom grins.
Hodges: "Wait, wait, wait – They all want to watch?"
Grissom: "Professional curiosity. I guess."
Grissom’s eyes sparkle.

Hodges: "I am a mere Padawan in the presence of the Jedi Master."
Grissom: "True."

Hodges: "You weren't ready -- to leave -- this: the challenges, the puzzles, the job."
Grissom: "No."
Hodges: "But Sara was."
Grissom: "Yeah, she was."
Hodges: "You can't stand in the way of that. When it's time for someone to move on, you just gotta let them go."

Brass smacks suspects around! Bobby is the bad guy! Brass shoots him!

Everybody!!! is hilariously funny. Great Writing!