23. Insatiable

No Sterek. *snorts* No problem. I can wait for a long time. I´ve waited 3 years to see if Han Solo is still alive.

Deaton gets the flies out of the twins and Isaac. Oh, really? What about Derek, huh? Who helped him?

Stiles and Melissa. Awkwardness. Yeah, sure, after what the nogitsune said to her. Stiles is so ashamed and can barely look at her. She looks kind of scared of him.

The nogitsune and Lydia. He says that Stiles is dying. “You´ll be screaming”. Creepily sad.

What´s up with the new deputy? What´s his secret? There is definitely something.

Derek: “You had a gun pointed at my head. You could have pulled the trigger. Why didn´t you?”

Chris: “Because you´re not my enemy anymore, Derek. And I´m not yours.”

Derek: “The truth is we should be out there looking for him. Right now. Especially if he can do something like this.”

Stiles! All Derek is thinking about is to save Stiles, but it feels to me as if Chris is becoming like a father figure to Derek.

Stiles asks about the others. Scott mentions everyone but Derek. Interesting!

Stiles is freezing and in pain. Is he dying like the nogitsune said?

Derek helps the wounded and hunted twins. WHY, GOD, WHY? Really? I don´t get it. Derek hides the twins in the coyote cave. Why here of all places? Does Derek scent the familiar scent of Malia/his family? I mean wolves actually hate coyotes. Or does Derek scent Stiles having been here not long ago? Or is the coyote scent just strong enough to confuse any hunters to find them here? Check against Stiles seaking comfort in front of that cave in 3x18.

Stiles´s strategy to distract Scott´s father about who Meredith is, turns out to be very embarrassing for him.

Stiles: “That´s my girlfriend.”

Meredith: “You´re not my type.”

Stiles: “Well, obviously we have a lot to talk about. We should maybe take that upstairs.”

Meredith: “He´s my type.” *pointing at Isaac*

Stiles: “Okay. Isaac can come too.”

The threesome leaves the room together. LOL!!!

Stiles remembers everything he did being possessed by the nogitsune. He prefers to die before he hurts or kills anyone else. *sniff*

Isaac is wounded. Allison is stabbed by the Oni. She dies in Scott´s arms confessing that she still loves him. Chris comes too late to do anything to save her.

I feel for Allison and Scott and Chris, of course, but I also feel for Isaac who had to watch this like an outsider. How must he have felt hearing Allison´s last words to Scott? I mean, he lost her, too.

Stiles is unconscious. Lydia is with him. Needless to say that Derek isn´t here.

I hope Derek will be a part of saving Stiles in the end. I hope he will warm him up. I hope something profound will happen between Stiles and Derek. *sigh* I HOPE.

Stiles wears an olive-green hoodie and a black jacket. First Derek wears the same red long shirt as in 3/22. Then he is back to wearing a grey shirt and a black (leather?) jacket.