Derek Hale & Stiles Stilinski
The thin line between
Hate & Love

Not made by me

Hate and love can result in similar acts of extreme behaviour. Hate is considered to be an evil passion that should, in a better world, be tamed, controlled and eradicated, yet hate is a passion that is of equal interest to love. Like love, it is often seemingly irrational and can lead individual to heroic and evil deeds. How can two opposite sentiments lead to the same behaviour? Both emotions are extremely powerful and extremely passionate. You can passionately love someone and you can passionately hate someone. You can hate someone but then something happens and you could have feelings of love for them.

My favorite episodes are marked with *
Light Sterek episodes are marked with S
Strong Sterek episodes are marked with S
Intense Sterek episodes are marked with SS
No real Sterek but subtext is marked with S
Derek loves to touch Stiles
Stiles loves to defy Derek
Derek loves to scare Stiles
Stiles loves to touch Derek
Cursive font: Derek didn´t appear in this episode

3. Season

4. Season

  1. Tattoo S
  2. Chaos Rising * SS
  3. Fireflies
  4. Unleashed
  5. Frayed
  6. Motel California
  7. Currents S
  8. Visionary * S
  9. The Girl Who Knew Too Much
  10. The Overlooked * SS
  11. Alpha Pact S
  12. Lunar Ellipse
  13. Anchors *
  14. More Bad than Good
  15. Galvanized
  16. Illuminated *
  17. Silverfinger
  18. Riddled S
  19. Letharia Vulpina
  20. Echo House
  21. The Fox and the Wolf S
  22. De-Void * S
  23. Insatiable
  24. The Divine Move S
  1. The Dark Moon S
  2. 117 * S
  3. Muted
  4. The Benefactor
  5. I.E.D.
  6. Orphaned S
  7. Weaponized S
  8. Time of Death
  9. Perishable
  10. Monstrous
  11. A Promise to the Dead

1. Season

2. Season

  1. Wolf Moon S
  2. Second Chance at First Line S
  3. Pack Mentality S
  4. Magic Bullet * SS
  5. The Tell
  6. Heart Monitor * S
  7. Night School S
  8. Lunatic
  9. Wolf's Bane * SS
  10. Co-Captain
  11. Formality S
  12. Code Breaker * S
  1. Omega
  2. Shape Shifted S
  3. Ice pick S
  4. Abomination * SS
  5. Venomous S
  6. Frenemy S
  7. Restraint S
  8. Raving S
  9. Party Guessed
  10. Fury * S
  11. Battlefield * S
  12. Master Plan S